Wednesday, October 16, 2019


I think I'm going to buy this chest tomorrow. I've been trying to buy good 18th/19th century chests of drawers and they have all gone way too high........
That said, I'm determined to get this little guy

Those antique Italian Lyre-back chairs are to die for--but I think they will be too rich for my blood.
The walnut chest dates to the end of the 18th c. or early 19th century and I believe that it is Tuscan in origin. I love its simplicity. The Louis XV-style brass pulls are not original and they will come off as soon as Roberto gets his hands on it. It just needs a couple of coats of hard paste wax and it will be perfect. The keys are affixed to the locks which is the original method of opening the drawers.

Now, on to the Perils of Antique Walnut Furniture.... yikes.

We bought this great round mid-19th century French walnut dining table last month. I inspected it and noted the old worm holes; tested the wood and was pretty sure that the wood was stable and that the old little holes did not compromise the table.....Roberto went over it; gave it two coats of hard paste wax; secured the casters and the table was ready for sale.
It sold almost immediately. Roberto was delivering it to the client.........when he took the table off the truck, he pulled it just a little bit and the drop-leaf hinge pulled away from the center section of the table. Fortunately, he was delivering two other items to the same client. He told the client that there was a problem with the table and brought it back. 
When I looked at the table, I knew that we couldn't bring it back up to my standards--so Roberto fixed the hinge and off the table went--back to auction. This table was pricey and we will probably take a loss, but I have learned that it's best to cut your losses quickly or the negative energy of regret will spread. There is no way that I could have known that that section of the top was compromised--there weren't any worm holes in the section of wood that was damaged. Those smart little bugs had eaten away at the internal part of the wood, leaving the outside intact.
So... now I'm looking at this great antique walnut chest....I'm just a little bit hesitant, there are a few little tell-tale holes, but they do not appear consequential. I'll check it out again tomorrow. Just to make sure, but I think it's a go.
A couple more photos of the chest

Here's a couple of similar chests of drawers that I pulled off of 1stdibs for comparison.

Fortuny Pillow update.

The tunic has been taken apart--and the 1920s red Fortuny stamp is present in three places. I had been searching for the perfect silk (must be heavy enough to balance with the Fortuny textile) and hadn't had any luck. So I went searching in my stash of fabrics... Eureka!! I already had the perfect silks to complete the pillows. I'll just make a couple of pillows to begin with as the custom goose down and feather inserts are pricey and the fabricator is one of the best upholsterer in Los Angeles (his client list includes Kelly Wearstler, Melrose House, etc.)

Well, it's off to bed. Wish me luck tomorrow.
Blessings for the day.

Mary & Cole

PS--- Go get him, Nancy!


  1. Dearest Mary, good morning! That walnut chest IS divine and I agree that the simplicity of the piece makes it even more attractive. The chairs are stunning but yes, they are at another level!

    Thank you kindly for visiting my blog that has suffered from my neglect; I have been on Instagram for the last four years now and find it a much more active place to express my visual expression, yet blogging was once a place for experimental writing that I miss so much.

    I'm very glad to know that what little I can share has inspired you and I hope that whatever things you are facing will be resolved. Hugs to you and enjoy this amazing season!

    1. Hi Anita,
      i missed blogging (your posts are so much deeper and life giving than I could even attempt to write) when I could not face writing the final post regarding my amazing Jones---I missed organizing my thoughts in a coherent informative fashion. So I'm back to blogging--hopefully once or twice a week.
      We bloggers definitely need to support each other.
      xoxox Mary

  2. Hi
    I love these antique chest of drawers

    1. Thank you--me too!! And this one sold way above my price point (but I was the under-bidder, at least).
      Thank you for reading my humble blog. It is much appreciated.