Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm intrepidly starting 2012 off with my first post on "Jones & Cole."  I'll need to introduce you to Jones, my faithful shop assistant and publicity rep. As you can see from the photos he is a great guy and loves to come to work and be the perfect greeter. Cole is Jones' best friend and brother who does not comes to work. Jones is very smart and Cole likes to focus on his ball.

I have been following so many wonderful blogs--the blog   that I first wandered into was Habitually Chic by Heather Clawson--Heather is amazing--and from the first post, I was hooked! Next I ventured to Maison 21 (I love Christian and he also in the LA area) and from there I was off to Pigtown Design, All The Best, Slim Paley, Brooke's blog, Velvet and Linen, Slow love life by Dominque Browning (I finally found her after missing her editorials at House and Garden), Little Augury (makes my brain go to work overtime), DECORNO, Eclectic Revisted, The Style Saloniste, Peak of Chic, and Aesthetes Lament. I finally discovered the French bloggers that transport me back to my many years in Spain: Kristin Espinasse and Vicki Archer and these are just a few of my blogging inspirations. I am so grateful to these wonderful bloggers for their inspiration and faithfulness to their daily or weekly posts--it is a huge commitment.

But I noticed that there might be a niche for an Antiques type blog. So here goes.......... I hope to leave a footprint of my adventures in the antiques and decorative arts forest (sometimes its a jungle) and to share my passions which include cooking, just being, serendipitous encounters and growth.

Now if I could get the font to remain in Helvetica and the size to stay in Large--but I did manage to move the photos around....Ooops-- I keep deleting the photos. I have a lot to learn regarding this blogging thing. I do hope that you will hang in there with me. (I haven't figured out how to remove "d caption" under Jones without deleting the photo); I just hit delete and the entire page went away. I am technologically challenged, but I get to where I need to go.

I do post most of my inventory on my website if you are curious about my personal style, the website is a good start.

Wishing everyone the most wondrous 2012.

(I've been proofing this over and over--I guess that I will have to push that "publish" button pretty soon.)


  1. what a wonderful assistant...and yes, there is room for an antiques blog as well..!!
    so glad to see you here! will add you to my blogroll and do a post on you shortly!!

  2. Hi Maureen, Thanks for visiting me (us). I figured out how to answer you on the blog! Mary