Sunday, October 15, 2017


I thought that my Maitland Smith Table was tessellated marble...........  IT'S NOT.
THE TABLE IS TESSELLATED BONE--which ups the value considerably.
God's gifts are always over-flowing in abundance (I could say more) and I am grateful.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Friday, October 13, 2017


Today was just one of those auction days: TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE (and then some).
I arrived fairly early, having previewed on Wednesday. I was pretty sure that I would get at least one of the high ticket items that I had my eyes on............well........I didn't intend to bid on a dining room table (space considerations): the bidding started on a Maitland-Smith tessellated and brass inlaid table. I had glanced at it the day before, but knocked it out of contention, not only because of its size, but because of the weight. Check it out

Yes, that is the marble top on its end. The top measures 78" x 40" and its marble. And the base is also tessellated marble. I pulled these photos of an identical table from 1stdibs--pretty impressive table.

 And this table is exactly the reason that I show up early almost every week. Nobody wanted the table--?? maybe it was its large size or the anticipated weight to move it???? I really do not know. 80s furniture is just coming into its own at the moment; so this table is right on point. Anyway, I choose to believe that God wanted to give me a gift today.........I bid $50 and won the bid. Best of all, Roberto can pick it up tomorrow---we tried to fit it into the Trusty Explorer, but the top was 2" too long. Best of all, although heavy, the table isn't as heavy as anticipated.
Now for the "Loose Some"..................
I went to $750 for a round resin-topped table and was the under bidder. I don't think that the table was Aldo Chale, but it could have been???
And I went to $1550 on a pair of late 18th c. Spanish Colonial tin mirrors that were to die for. My friend with the deepest pockets in the world won the bid............I really wanted those mirrors, but there is always next week and maybe, just maybe, Bill will forget to show up. 
Anyway, the auction house loves me (they really do) because my bids brought the bid amounts of the items to respectable levels.
Jones and I need to go to bed...........

Mary & Jones & Cole

Monday, October 9, 2017


This is a shot of the sun at 1:30 this afternoon. No, it was not a cloudy or overcast day. The Anaheim Canyon Fire is located about 15-20 miles from my home; the smoke and ash seemed as if we were in the fire zone.
The fires up north are even worse with 1500 structures lost in Santa Rosa, alone.
Prayers are needed for California--prayers for rain and cool moist temperatures.
Prayers for Puerto Rico and the immense suffering of its people.
Prayers for our nation and for a quick end to the destruction being brought by an administration that is deaf to the voices of the vast majority of Americans.
Prayers for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre.
Prayers for all of the children who have lost health insurance because of a fearful, heartless, ignorant (need I continue) Republican majority Congress......

Unfortunately, this list is a minute fraction of the concerns I have for all of us.
I hope that the result of this season of trump (no caps) we all become more aware of the incredible gift we have been given--the gift of living under the rule of law. We need to put our historic tradition of democratic rule of law and our sense of compassion for all first on our list of priorities. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


After the devastation caused by Maria and Harvey and the atrocity in Las Vegas over the past few weeks (add in the continuing trump administrations efforts to rip apart the fabric of our nation) and every thing that I buy is beginning to seem like just stuff. I've always been conscious that what I do can, on a certain level, be thought of as fluff. Granted, I hope that it is good fluff; nevertheless, when compared with the monumental rebuilding efforts--rebuilding of home and lives and the more painstaking rebuilding of lives shattered by gun violence--what I do is inconsequential. Hopefully my prayers and donations to these relief efforts will have a modicum of positive effect.

But to get to what came up this week at auction, there was a lot of stuff......

Hans Hartig painting

Amazing faux antler lamps

Exceptional Chinese Mirror Black Monochrome Vase--now a lamp 

Very large antique Tibetan Tanka

Large antique carved gilt mirror 

Louis XVI painted grey petit sofa (I think it's period, too)

19th c. Venetian landscape painted secretaire (my favorite)

This mirror looked new, but it's early 19th c. Italian 

There were tons of people and tons more items at auction today, which means that the prices were high. I did manage to snag the above mirror and the Hans Hartig painting. And then I decided to leave. You can always find more STUFF.

Prayers for our nation, please.
sending love,
Mary & Jones & Cole

Saturday, September 30, 2017


I don't usually write about gilt bronze objects--my favorites pieces are more earthy with lots of patina. But this French c. 1860-70 gilt bronze cache pot is the exception. The vessel is so finely cast with beautiful lion paw feet, floral garlands and bows with pine cone finials that it takes my breath away. It even retains its tin liner. The detail photos say it all.

This piece measures a mere 6.5"w x 7"h x 3"d but it has tremendous presence.

Jones had his hair cut today and loves being handsome--his favorite word.

******I just learned that Habitat for Humanity has boots on the ground in Puerto Rico. I have been donating to the Red Cross relief efforts, but made a donation to Habitat yesterday--they accept Paypal.

Sending prayers to Puerto Rico. (Our government's inadequate response to this disaster is shameful; we need to make our voices heard in protest to mr. trump's ignorant tweets and statements)

Mary & Jones & Cole

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


My friend Gerry and I purchased the above set of Donghia klismos Chairs at auction over the week-end.
The chairs were designed for Angelo Donghia by the prolific American designer, John Hutton. I had not heard of John Hutton (1947-2006) until we purchased these amazing 1980s Klismos-form chairs.......I recommend studying up on this furniture designer whose work encompassed all segments of furniture design.
Anyway, I brought the chairs to shop today and took a few quick photos. The chairs really are stunning: the bent wood seats are clad in fine leather (other examples are veneered in rosewood or simple lacquer) with incised details. 

We are very fortunate that all six of the chairs are in very good condition with normal desirable patination to the leather. Mint condition would be boring, in my opinion.
Klismos chairs are my favorites--the form dates back over 2000 years to Ancient Greece and Egypt. Several years ago I wrote an extensive post on Klismos chairs--I don't know how to add a link to that post. Maybe I will have figured that out by tomorrow?! 
It's getting late and I need to be  up bright and early to work with my upholsterer.

Sending Blessing,
Mary & Jones & Cole

Thursday, September 21, 2017


The disasters in Mexico, The Caribbean, India and Pakistan, etc. --topped off with Mr. trump's horrendous  speech to the United Nations this week and a third--and more horrendous attempt at shredding of our health care system--make me incredibly concerned about our future. I am usually a very positive person.....this week, not so much. 
We desperately need leaders of supreme integrity to rule the nations of the world.
We need leaders who will finally make peace, not greed, the stated goal for all.
We cannot loose another day. Hopefully action will soon be taken against trump (small "t") and all those who have lied and obstructed justice.
We all need to pray.