Friday, January 18, 2019


Two weeks ago I purchased this pair of very dirty and awful-topped tables. You could just barely make out the cast brass phoenix head finials and paw feet.

And now look at how beautiful the tables became after some intense TLC from Roberto and new black glass tops.

I love the cast brass detailing!!

Each of the table legs forms the profile of a phoenix--a design element prevalent in the Art Deco Era. 

And for the finale reveal of the Maison Bagues Coffee Table.................

Not too shabby (If I do say so--myself!)

We had five strait days of rain, glorious rain!! Of course the house flooded a bit--sand bags are a great invention. The pond in the park next door flooded, with the park and the street becoming one triple sized pond........the ducks, geese and pelicans loved it.

Blessings for the rest of the week.

Mary & Jones (needs prayers please) and Cole.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I am always amazed at what we choose to buy and how it all fits together. Case in point:
Last week I bought this stunning Maison Bagues (found one just like on Christie's website) bronze table (new black glass on order)

This table is super structured and  purely neoclassical.......and then, we fell in love (G fell first as I was still focused on structured pieces) with this table. Both tables are  about the same size, both are created with metal--but so  diametrically opposed in energy.

I loved the "Memphis" feel of the modern table matched to the rough stone top. Of course, we bought this one, too (but from a different auction house that usually only sells traditional pieces--you just never know what will show up and where). It will go perfectly in front of a mid-century leather sofa acquired a few weeks ago and I'll place the French Art Deco black cameo glass vase on it.......

I haven't quite figured out where to place the Bagues table--but the perfect spot will open up.

It rained all day (grateful) and it's going to rain the rest of the week--we desperately need this to break the drought. 
I need to get off to bed. No more tables for me this week.

Blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

ON TO 2019.............

By nature I'm not a minimalist....but I have read that in order to bring in prosperity one must make space for the new blessings. So, with the goal to bring in blessings, I intended to follow the prescription of tossing 27 items a day for 9 days.........I was pretty good the first 3 days and dutifully tossed 27 items each day. And then I discovered that if I tossed (cleaned out) my "Inbox" of 27 emails (most of them asking for political donations), this project could be pretty simple. For 3 days I tossed many, many more than 27 emails/, I didn't toss anything. The problem is that now I have to go back and start on day one of the 9-day prescription. Thank goodness my "Inbox" has many thousands of emails to delete.
2019 has started out with a bang......we've sold a lot  (which always makes me feel blessed) and last Thursday's auction was huge.
G and I previewed on Wednesday and spotted a few things to buy. We could have "left bids" on these items, but you need to be present at the auction to truly reap its benefits. (I have been lagging at auction--not really going because I've been watching my pennies) I could feel in my bones that I/we were going to be very successful last week and we were......and I was there at 9:15 to make sure that I saw what was coming out of the pile. (The auction house makes a huge pile of items that are judged to be of little value to auction at the beginning of the auction.)
This amazing BRONZE coffee table frame came right out of the pile

Luckily for me, I just happened to recognize the table--a French Deco Coffee table by Maison Bagues (attributed). The cast bronze palm capitals appears to retain a bit of their original gilding. Roberto cleaned the table on Tuesday and a tempered black glass top is on order---super chic.
I must be on a black-roll--the next purchase was this pair of late 19th c. (I think) Chinese Famille Noire Garden Seats.  Any Famille Noire object is very desirable; so this pair of seats is pretty unusual. One needs a small repair which does not alter the value of the seats.

And last up is again black--a dealer friend came in with a large lot of textiles. The minute I spotted these Bark Cloth panels, I knew that one had to be took a lot of convincing for her to sell me just one panel.....the panels were never in direct sunlight and after all of these years, are in nearly mint condition.

This is going to be a bit of a stretch for me, but I'm going to make some pillows from the fabric. My perfectionist tendencies cause my pillows to be quite expensive to create. Also, I don't know if there is a market for this type of pillow.....we'll see.
Fortunately, tomorrow there is nothing at auction that attracts my fancy.......I still need to restore, clean etc. and then take photos and get everything posted on line.........yes, it's definitely work.

Jones seems to be doing a little better, but still isn't himself.

Sending blessings for 2019.

Mary, Jones (prayers please) and Cole

Sunday, December 23, 2018


...........Actually, we are not having either goose or turkey or roast beef this year. I'm honoring the Mexican part of me so we are having Chicken in Salsa Verde Enchiladas, Salmon baked with pesto & spinach and Ham. Thank goodness we over-bought because we are having an additional 6 for dinner tomorrow which will make 21-22 (I think?) and I love it when the house overflows.....
I love traditional Christmas trees.......that said, this year I really wanted this tree

What could be better than an antler tree--I can even imagine how I'd decorate it.........there is only one small problem: the tree (although re-usable) costs about $13,000 on 1stdibs.

My Christmas wish list this year includes some of the following immensely necessary items:

The most gorgeous pair of onyx (?) obelisks that I have ever seen--and they are big guys, too. (For either side of the antler tree?)

The most extravagantly beautiful (I think Regency?) "Gothic" Hall Chairs. I'm not sure where I'd place them, but they are perfection.

I think I could skip the other two wish list items, if Santa would only bring me this pair of unequaled early 18th c. Queen Anne Japanned side chairs.

I am so grateful for the past year --it has been one of learning, stretching, growing, grieving and grasping just a bit more the meaning of being present. These are the gifts that fill my soul and lift me up. 

(I cannot leave this week w/o mentioning the very tenuous position our democracy is in--please pray that we will reach a place of restoration soon. To shut down the government over a temper tantrum, to leave millions without a pay check, to waste billions of dollars and put our national security at risk in unconscionable. I could go on and on and on. Prayer for deliverance and thanksgiving for the blessings we have are the way forward.)

Just to leave with a bit of whimsy and a touch of addiction. G. bought this gorgeous example of an Antony Redmile (British mid-late 20th c. artist) sculpture. My shop is brimming with animal-themed decorative items; so this guy fits right in.

Wishing everyone a wonderful loving Christmas.

Mary & Jones (needs prayers) and Cole

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Last Thursday I bought this gorgeous nude by listed California artist, Wade Reynolds (1929-2011). I loved this modern painting done in chiaroscuro, suggesting an Italian Renaissance reference. I also liked the  wide mid-20th c. frame.
But he is the big no-no??? I became so enthralled with the depth of character revealed in the painting that I discounted the damage done to the canvas. And it is looking pretty bad as I enlarge the photos 
:(  :(   .......I have a pretty good paintings restorer. I'll call Bob next week and see what he says.

Drum Roll..............

There is a new Bravo design show scheduled for next year.........and guess where they were filming an episode??? Yep, that right!!!!!!! My spaces (I have quite a few) at the Pasadena Antique Center. The new design series is called "Best Room Wins"===two designers face off every week to compete. The young designer was really cute, but not very knowledgeable--so I coached him. I loved the crew--they worked seamlessly using a minimum of words to get their point across, very low key and smooth. Recognize the Warren Platner chairs?

I can't believe that Christmas is next week!!!!! Haven't bought any presents, done any planning, etc.
It's not that I am rejecting Christmas--I guess that it's the gift-giving that has me stymied. I love having everyone get together as family to celebrate and decorating and cooking and baking. But I'm pretty much over gift giving. Maybe next year.......

NEXT YEAR-----will this finally be the year that we see trumpism defeated? That Tea Party Republicans return to a desire to "collude" with Democrats to govern our amazing nation? I'm waiting, praying and taking actions.

Sending blessings for the week!!!!

Mary, Jones & Cole

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I think that Mr. Jones is finally on the mend. My gorgeous boy has not been doing very well. He has a pinched nerve in his back and spinal arthritis which has really slowed him down and kept him from doing his most favorite job--being my sales associate at the shop. When I got home today, Jones had taken his toys and leash out of his basket for the first time in months.....I think he's starting the feel more like himself--naughty but very nice. Maybe he can come to work with me for a bit on Sunday??
I've been focusing on getting items restored lately. Finally had the very large Italian beaded sconces taken apart, cleaned, new pendants added and then put back together. These guys measure over 4 feet in length and are now is great condition. There are strands upon strands of macaroni beads combined with at least 60 faceted pendants--hope that they will now go out the door ASAP.

And finally, the Anglo-Raj (Indian) cockfighting chair was delivered. this time Lalo got the upholstery and tacking just right.

I can't believe that we are almost at the end of 2018. In some ways the years has zoomed past; but in other I felt as if I were lagging a bit.....the new year is going to bring many surprises--especially in the political arena. Hopefully, by this time next year, both Trump and Pence will be memories in history books. We have a lot of ground to recover from the disastrous policies of the trump years (notice no capital t?). As a nation we are strong and resilient. I'm sure that the diverse freshman class of congress men and women will inspire much of the new policies.
Well, tomorrow is preview day. Business has picked up a bit and I am beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms from not buying and letting G get soaked in the rain to bid for us. I don't want to get too rusty.

Sending blessing for the rest of the week!!

Mary, Jones & Cole

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I guess a little rain needs to fall once in a while. The above shots were taken of one of my period Art Deco Consoles (that took me a year to restore) by Alfred de Porteneuve (nephew of Ruhlman)

--that little damaged spot (the worst electrician in the world did it) is probably going to cost me about $400-$500 to repair: the entire top will need to be stripped, new section of macassar spliced in and then you must add in the transportation charges back and forth to restorer......... That is cement dust on the piano lacquer finish which, bien sure, has scratched the finish because someone decided to be helpful.........(please do not dust for me).

Here's a photo of the Anglo-Indian cock fighting chair at my upholsterer's shop--Lalo messed up the first time around. This time it's much better (but why can't he simply do what I ask the first time?). Hopefully those Paul McCobb-style ottomans are done right. The color is actually a light acidy-green (I think??) 
Sticking with Lalo and upholstery.......Gerry bought this pair of 40-50s round-tube side chairs.

But they needed new (old) bark cloth--and look at what I found on eBay (just the right amount, barely)

I love the vintage bark cloth--Lalo really struggle to have enough fabric. 
And finally... We're looking at this set of four (very poor condition) Edward Wormley for Dunbar open arm chairs. This particular auction house is known for having basically nothing but junk. That said, we have gotten a few very choice pieces from them. Of course, I went on a hunt to see if I could find other chairs like them.

And look what I found--apparently this is a rather rare model of Wormley chair

So I think we'll be making a run for these guys--once Roberto and Lalo get their hands on them, the chairs will look fantastic. Wish us luck, please.

It's finally gotten a little chilly around here: lots of rain on Thursday, which means snow on our local mountains--and we'll be getting more rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you--we definitely need the rain!!

I watched some of the National Memorial Services for President Bush, a man of honor and dedication to our Nation. I wonder what would have been the course of history if he had been elected to a second term? Second Iraq war? I doubt it. Mr. small "t"elected? I doubt it. I pray that our next president will walk in the honored foot steps of President Bush.

Sending blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole