Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Steuben and Almost Baccarat--It's been a glass week

I'm still having problems with the software--working on the problems (but geeeezzzzz).

I thought that I would post a quickie and ignore the technical stuff. 

There hasn't been that much to buy at my favorite auction house, so I have taken a bit of a buying break. It does feel good to not feed my addiction, but I must get back to my usual buying as you "can't sell from an empty cart."

Aren't these babies some of the most gorgeous pieces of glass you've ever seen?

Unfortunately, these great (French?) Deco molded and frosted glass bookends are not marked, but they are equal to Lalique, Baccarat or Sabino glass of the early 20th century.  These Jaguars/Panthers are big--10.5 inches long by about 8.5 inches high. Each one of these jaguars could stand on its own merits as sculpture--the casting work is top quality with the original mold carving giving a great Deco angular depth to the musculature. 

Not only did I bring home the glass Jaguars, but I also scored this great Steuben "Trillion" footed bowl by Donald Pollard that dates to the 1950s.

I wasn't very successful in capturing the beautiful clarity of the Steuben crystal in these photos--but it is truly exceptional. Once again, this is a big piece of art glass, measuring 10" in diameter. The true shame is that Steuben in no longer with us--Steuben Glass was an American Treasure and is greatly missed in our creative landscape. (Once again, the failure of bottom-line accounting decision making) Nevertheless, this Steuben bowl would add a lot of sparkle to any room--place it on a mid-20th century case piece and it would be spectacular. And it is a beautiful piece of American history.

I also scored a great pair of Monteverdi Young cabinets in an asian inspired form and better yet....(drum roll...) a very unique Edward Wormley coffee table--these pieces were all in great condition for their age (50-60 years) and are out getting their original finish spiffed up. They will be featured in a subsequent post.
Thank you for letting me share the ups and downs of my adventures.


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