Monday, April 9, 2012

Amazing Marbro Lamps--True Love

Marbro Mid-Century Brass Lamps

I'm bragging....I can't help it. I just acquired this unbelievably stunning pair of super large Marbro Lamps WITH THEIR ORIGINAL SILK APPLIQUED SHADES. I have never seen a pair of original early 1960's shades (that is 50 years) in this condition--only one faint spot which I think will come out. The brass casting and chiseling work is top notch with the applied patina and finish retaining its original surface. The lamps even retain their original finials (which are too high up for me to photograph. I'll give you some detailed images that will highlight the quality of craftmanship.

Detail photos of custom brass base showing a traditional chinese form, but incorporating Egyptian motifs.  

Brief history of Marbro Lamps: shortly after World War II the Markoff brothers began creating their unique and highly sought after custom lamps. Marbro lamps were designed and fabricated using only the highest quality porcelains imported from Europe and Japan,  Murano glass, custom brass pieces, European crystal and bronze. The custom shades were also designed by the Markoff brothers with each shade individually designed for specific lamps which were created in the Marbro factory located in South Los Angeles. The majority of the lamps were one-of-a-kind. Marbro lamps were sold exclusively through decorators, architects and very high end furniture stores. In the early 1990s the company was sold and shortly thereafter ceased operations. Marbro lamps are today highly desirable and demand premium prices.

These fantastic mid-century brass lamps measure an incredible 50" h, including the finial (original). They would be perfect paired with a mid-century table not too much over 24" in height--or on custom pedestals which would make a huge statement.

I have had other pairs of outstanding Marbro lamps and these are right up there with the best. I have a super and very large pair of Marbro lamps in carved alabaster that I will highlight on my next post.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.
Mary, Jones and Cole


  1. I have a Marbro brass floor lamp with a swing-arm. It belonged to my grandmother and I'm curious about it's age and value. How do I get more info on it?

    1. Hi Rose, Without a good photo I can't judge what type of lamp you are referencing. If you send me some good photos (including the Marbro sticker) and a close up or two, perhaps I can help you arrive at a ball park figure. Of course, some Marbro lamps are more desirable than others. My email is I hope that this helps. Mary