Friday, May 25, 2012


I acquired this gorgeous Late Edo Japanese lacquer storage box at auction last week. It was a "sleeper" as it doesn't look very desirable at the moment. Although the majority of the piece is in reasonably presentable condition; there are areas of lacquer at the feet supports that have (hopefully only) surface damage. Although purchasing items in this condition is always risky (you just never know how the restoration will evolve)--this piece has wonderful lines and the lacquer is beautifully executed. The brass chasing is also finely detailed and in good condition. The horse hoof legs are capped with the chased brass which is also in good shape. The inside of the box is in fine condition--and when I opened the box there was a surprise inside--a set of 8 gold and black lacquer plates (dating to the mid 20th c.) these would be stunning hung against a saturated color wall.

Wish me luck. Roberto is coming next week to work his magic on this piece--I'm praying that the lacquer polishes up as beautifully as the lacquer hibachi.

Jones says hi--he's getting his hair cut next week. Oh, the life of a poodle: playmates at daycare, Mom cooks for him, the dog park and best friends at work. I think I know who I want to return as....

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend--it is a time to be grateful for everything we have been given. It's also Kaia's 4th  Birthday--so we are having a family Birthday Party on Sunday.


Kaia is "Miss Flirty" and being the "middle child" has her path cut out for her especially with these two before and behind.

Be well.
Mary and Jones (and Cole)


  1. You have such a great eye and appreciation for beauty!
    love all your flirty photos! Beet & Sweet Potato Napoleon recipe is online at The Kitchn. I subbed pine nuts in place of walnuts which I did not have!

    1. Hi Patricia, Thank you so much!! Those little baby girls (and Jones, too) are simply natural flirts. Am going to try the salad asap. Have a wonderful Mem Day week-end. Mary