Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I don't have any photos today.........I'm under the weather (will be back in action tomorrow) with a bug.
I subscribe to various little newsletters and this morning I received this in my inbox from "Biz Tips"

          "By recognizing and accepting the things you cannot do well,
           you will cause the universe to present things to you that you
           can do well".

I don't know about anyone else, but I have spent years trying to master things that I really abhor (bookkeeping, spelling, house cleaning, mail, etc.) and I have obsessed about my presumed failures. I'm now finally understanding (first step in mastering) the principle of focusing on the good, the present and adding up my strengths instead of my weaknesses (still a work in progress).

Self-acceptance doesn't mean being stuck and not growing--it simply means no more negative self-judgment and perfectionism. Every single particle in life is constantly evolving--.if I stay stuck in negative self (and other) judgment, I will simply miss all of the great stuff of life.

The "flow" is a purely positive movement outward--there is no struggle with flow--the energy is smooth, free flowing and effortless. The minute I introduce a negative thought into that effortless flow, it gets stuck and I am definitely "out of it" in more ways than I can describe. 

At heart I'm still that little Irish girl who was raised in a convent school where we curtsied to the nuns as they walked by; went to Mass with our heads covered,prayed before every class, etc.  But most of all WE KNEW WHAT SIN WAS and what happened when we sinned--don't ask.... We made the Sign of the Cross on our foreheads saying "in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit"---we were taught about The Father and The Son, but never about THe Holy Spirit.  After spending the last five years reading The Tao--it's only 81 verses---I now know what the Holy Spirit is: The Holy Spirit is The Tao of life. The flow of life every where in this amazing world. It is the Spirit that gives life, and joy, creation, renewal, determination and all of the positives in life (Gifts of the Spirit). And now I know that when I step outside of this spirit, I am outside of the flow of life. And what is sin? (Baltimore Catechism paraphrase) Sin is when we are separate from God (out of the flow of life). 

And the biggest sin of all is our intentional (or not) negative self criticism and the criticism of others---this is when we take ourselves out of flow, and wallow in our self-righteousness.  

The best solution for getting back in the flow: over-flowing love and gratitude for everything that we have been given and the manner in which these gifts are given. An open receptive attitude towards life and all of its blessings (even when the blessings seem to be curses) will place us dead-center in the heart of God. 

The Holy Spirit/Tao doesn't value (human) perfection--all is perfectly created and awaiting our awakening.

Now I'm going to spend a few minutes  reading The Tao; settling my dust; in gratitude; in love.  Sounds easy doesn't it?--well, sometimes it's a kick in the butt.
Be well,
Mary and Jones (who is always in flow)

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