Monday, June 25, 2012

Bonita Interiors--Angie Upstairs

My favorite chairs and ottoman
Bonita Interiors is located directly upstairs from me at the Pasadena Antique Center.  Angie brings an artist's perspective to every inch of her shop. In May, Angie completely remodeled her shop--painting, new merchandise, etc. After being closed for two weeks--the minute she opened back up the sold tags (as seen above) sprouted. I think that she almost sold out the first couple of days that she was open. The photo above featured my absolute favorite chairs in a blue/white Ikat fabric. It is a bit hard to see, but the bottoms of the slipper chairs are scolloped and her upholsterer did an amazing job--even the welting is perfectly placed--not an easy feat.

Here are a few more shots of the the shop:
I love these colors--and everything is sold here, too.

Just a small part of Angie's inventory
Angie's sense of color leaves me in awe--she goes where angels (pun not intended) fear to tread and it all works. I took some photos of her original art work, but the photos were awful. But you can get a tiny sense of her painters hand in the drips/child image in the first photo.

Bonita Interiors carries an extensive inventory of newly lacquered mid-20th century chests and tables--always with Angie's unique eye for a slightly different perspective.  (See Jones' tail?) In fact, Jones matches that chest of drawers perfectly. Bonita Interiors selection of mid-century couches is extensive; each piece is unique and beautifully detailed. The ceramic objects and lamps are chosen with a perfect pitch intended. And her collection of mid-century and current works on paper and other art stretches from traditional to abstract to funky. Her prices are reasonable--she makes me hustle to keep up.

Here she is making faces at me (I hate to have my photo taken, too)--she is sitting on the chair that she designed to take the place of the Ikat chairs--and she hits it with this one. To mix a Persian rug with mid-century is not the tried and true (and rather boring) way of displaying mid-century.

This grasshopper gives just a hint of the "little bit of funk" that Angie injects into her interiors--which all have a sense of flow.

But Angie is not limited to that odd funky look. Here is a great vignette that is 100% traditional American...The wall color is more intense and shows off the mid-century mirror a bit better. Look at that little funky figure nestled among the strictly traditional landscape!! (my photo is out of focus)

Working with Angie is a delight as she is a true professional and passionate about her trade. But her number one passions are her 3 gorgeous children and husband. Everything in proper perspective.

Ooooooooops. I forgot to mention--the best thing about Angie is that she is "in love" with Jones.

Bonita Interiors (just above me)
Pasadena Antique Center
480 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
Pasadena, CA

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  1. Mary you are the sweetest person I know (and I am not just saying it to blow smoke) thanks so much for this write up. Love you lots.

    Jones' godmother.

    1. Jones sends his love. But you deserve every word. Mary

  2. I absolutely LOVE Angie's stuff! I see a few items that I really love... and I see that you are putting Jones to work (he looks like he is dusting that chest of drawers!)

  3. How wonderful to know that you have such an artist and angel above you.
    Jones is fortunate to have someone on his side too. We all need inspiring and caring people around us.
    Love her shop - it looks so authentic and original.

  4. check to see if you have the white highlighted in your editing and remove that - it would be in the editing bar when you go to publish. I can walk you through by phone if need be.
    You are not technologically challenged one have a blog and that is challenge enough! Posting, loading photos....

  5. Wow Mary how do we get another set (or two of those Ikat Chairs! Gorgeous and what a fun, fun shop!

    Patricia's right, your curser may have slid over from Font color, to background...

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi Karena, Thanks you!! Those chairs are so phenomenal. The minute I saw them I was in designer heaven. Angie has a great eye and her instinct is spot-on. xo Mary