Sunday, September 23, 2012


Here are the Thursday finds. I know that they don't look so great right now, but just wait. The campaign chest is perfect just the way it is and when I inspected the stand, it turned out to be original to the chest! It is rather unusual to find an original stand which will disassemble for moving on to the next military post. The little boudoir chairs date to c. 1930's; the cane on one of the chairs is damaged--I'll probably reupholster them (including the backs) in a soft lime green to match the faint green detail paint. I love these chairs--they have an attitude with their sexy little legs and high back. And last up is the cockfighting looks a little sad with its dirty old ribbed green upholstery (still retains its original horse hair structure--which is good) but I have been saving an Edelman leather black leather hide for a chair just like this. So this guy will be off to the upholsterer to be fitted with the leather and patinated nail heads on Monday. (I just wish that this chair were a bit older and had a bit more ATTITUDE, but it is what it is. Can you imagine finding an actual George III cockfighting chair with not another soul knowing what it was???)

Dutch Mirror Update:

We are still working on the restoration of the interior molding. As you can see, it doesn't look like much has been added, but in reality there are several more hours of work given to the interior ebonized molding. It is a process and can't be rushed. I just wish that Roberto weren't so busy, but I'm happy with what I see.
For months I haven't sold any Fortuny pillows--and this week I have sold ten of just never know what will sell and what will be a wall-flower. Thank goodness I just bought a beautiful panel of antique, c. 1920's, Fortuny fabric to replenish my stash. This purchase was a leap of faith as it was very pricey and I was walking on water considering the demise of pillow sales. I can't wait to find the perfect backing silk (I already have the antique silver--actual silver in thread--fringe).
Jones says "hi"--he is so happy to be gorgeous once again and cool! It is still blazing here, although the nights have started to cool down a bit.
I just bought 2 gorgeous pounds of WILD MEXICAN SHIP--the best and most flavorful of North American shrimp and they are big ones, too (and on sale). Will share these  at dinner tonight with my wonderful neighbors who are moving next week-end to a new house (I'm sad as we have been the best of neighbors).
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Mary & Jones


  1. Hi Mary - I would love to see your Fortuny pillows when you are finished. Do you have any left in stock?

    1. Hi Loi,
      Yep, I've got several in inventory. Just go to click on "pillows" and they should all pop up. The photos are pretty good. (My photographic skill level is minimal, but I get the job done)