Friday, November 30, 2012

MOVING--NOT JUST MOVERS & Chair Addiction Issues

I love rainy days and we have had two wonderful showery days that remind me so much of my years living in Bilbao, Spain where it averaged 55 inches of rain per year. Amazingly, although The Basque Country is just south of England, Bilbao rarely reaches the freezing point because of the ocean currents. Everyone has the most gorgeous complexions because of the humidity and minimum sunlight. (It goes without saying that wine and brandy consumption is quite high in this beautiful part  of Spain) I would imagine Seattle to be somewhat similar, but a bit colder.


I've been busy planning my move. It might seem pretty strait forward: just get a mover and load and unload. But I have about 50 feet of antique French boiserie or paneling to install before the move. First I have to remove this paneling from my current location. And to do that I need to move everything in front of or attached to the paneling.
Because there is currently no way to simply attach the panels with l-brackets, as at my current location, Dennis is building a frame on which to attach the panels....I am truly grateful to know so many trades people that are go to guys and easy to work with. 
Hopefully the the frame will be completed this week and the panels will go up Monday or Tuesday....and then move the balance of the STUFF. 
In honor of my new aesthetic adventure, I'm going to paint the fielded panels a mauvy purple with a definite pop.  I've been scouring magazines studying the various purple tones (and they are innumerable) together with the setting in which the color is placed. I think it's because I have never been attracted to purple that I didn't realize that it works with just about any other color or tone and is therefore, 
A TRUE NEUTRAL. Other great designers have said this before, but I thought they had lost their minds--now I finally grasp this beautiful, adaptable color. (But it is quite a fugitive color, so sunlight is its enemy.)

I have had a relapse into my chair addiction: I really couldn't help it. These c. 1940's French Moderne high backed chairs had my name on them and they just kept calling.


I usually don't go for this type of chair or this time frame, but these guys are so unique that I couldn't resist. On close inspection you can see that they are gold and silver gilt and the cain backs are in perfect condition. For the time-being, I think that I will simply clean them up and put on a tag. I believe that  the current fabric dates to around 1960--so a reupholstery is in order--I can see them in a fun purple embossed velvet--great boudoir or accent chairs that will lighten up any space. Art Moderne chairs are fairly uncommon and I have been working on lightening up.
Jones is a little antsy as he injured his leg and hasn't been able to get out--he's better, but he just has to moderate those 10 foot leaps when he sees his family.  So I'm taking my guy out.
Have a wonderful week-end.

Mary & Jones (& Cole)


  1. I guess I am not familiar with that style of chair, but they certainly make a strong statement, a whole room could be planned around them. I hope your cold feet (your comment to me in your last post) have warmed up a tad, my feet are warm enough for us both! I only wish I had your problem, moving, there is always something new to discover in it. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yes, my feet are getting warmer. I think that this adventure will be a little different from others that I've had.....perhaps it is in the character/soul strengthening arena. I love those chairs.--yep, they are a little out-there. But, what the heck, you only live once. Be well.

  2. There you go, happy move (oops) I mean adventure! ;-)

  3. Mary, ah moving, so much work and details. The panels will be gorgeous!
    I love the legs and gilt on the Art Moderne chairs!

    2012 Artists Series

    1. Hi Karena--yep--it's pretty funky (a bit like me).