Friday, November 9, 2012


I have already admitted to my chair addiction--but I have kept silent about my addiction to children's chairs of the 18th and very early 19th c. The center two-seater is new to my little family of children's chairs.

This addiction started innocently enough. I inherited the Shaker child's chair (c. 1860-80) (above) when I was about 5. The chair had belonged to my great aunt and then my mother and then me. Naturally, the chair was put to good use by my three children and now my three little girls love it. Of course, once there were 2 girls, that single chair was not sufficient. So I acquired a couple more, and then a couple after that and finally, I found the two-seater last month.

The chair on the left is British Colonial Raj Period (India) and I believe it dates to the mid to late 19th c., but is in an early English Regency style (early 19th c.).
The little chair to the right of the British Colonial example is American and dates to the late 18th c. This adorable chair appears to be all original, has kept it's little finials and rush seat--look at the knobs at the ends of the arms. But it has lost a bit of height.

I just acquired the two-seater last month. Two-seaters are very unusual. The chair also dates to the mid/late 19th c. British Colonial Raj Period. The cane has bee replaced, but the little bench is in great condition.

The last little chair, the only one without arms, is  early 19th c. American (I believe that it is Southern) and is all original, but it has also been reduced in height. Look at those gorgeous acorn finials.
Now, for one more chair---and this one just fell into my lap....

This baby is very early 19th c. French Provencal and was crafted in walnut. The chair is all original and retains its original seat--I love the swoop of the front legs and the out swept arms. The tips of the arms have been restored as over the years, the chairs must have been pushed into the table hundreds of times.

The girls haven't seen the new addition yet.  And when they do there will be quite a squabble over who claims it. But the beauty is that the person who gets the two-seater only gets 1 chair and the others get 2 chairs each. The French high chair is staying at the shop.

I hope that everyone has a beautifully quiet week-end. I am so glad that this election cycle is over.  Now let's get down to business!!!

Mary and Jones (& Cole)


  1. Mary, these are wonderful little gems! Love the two seater settee, beautiful. Also the style of your latest French Provencal piece.

    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Karena, The girls have so much fun with the little chairs--they carry them around and play "musical chairs" when anyone relinquishes her chair, then it's up for grabs.....
    Have a super day!!

  3. Easy to see where your addiction comes from...they are so darned charming.

    1. Thank you!! I'm still on the hunt--if the price is right. My little girls are coming tonight--can't wait til they spot the new two-seater!! Have a wonderful Sunday.