Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, here are my newest chair "fixes"--These guys are definitely not my usual inventory items.....

But I love them. Once Roberto had cleaned and polished the frames, it became very clear that the entire surface of the frame was either gold or silver leafed. And the gilding is in very good original condition, of course there is the usual patination and a few losses here and there, but that is to be expected with chairs that are approximately 60+ years young. I still need to upholster the chairs and I am envisioning either a deep purple or raspberry velvet--any suggestions? 
These chairs are so full of life that they seem to want to dance. I see them in an amazing dressing room or bathroom. So decadent.

These guys even make Jones laugh (the photo was not posed--Jones just refused to move...such a ham).


Tomorrow is Auction Day. I previewed yesterday and there really isn't that much of interest. But I do always manage to find something.....wish me luck.

I hope that this Christmas season is running smoothly for everyone--as for me, well, I think that I'm backing into the spirit.

Be well,
Mary and Jones (& Cole)

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