Sunday, December 23, 2012


This is a bit what my Christmas is like this year. All upside down and inside out.  But I'm getting there.
For me Christmas is all about cooking and that is what I'm doing today. I love the creative process: do I want to experiment? The tried and true? Do I want help (this year I need lots of help)? Do I want to do a traditional dinner? Cocktail party style?
This year I'm definitely getting lots of help, no traditional dinner, cocktail style and I'm doing something new and something old.

Christmas Eve Menu
       Extra Large Wild Shrimp w/ Cocktail Sauce
       Pate a Choux stuffed with Smoked Salmon
       Pate a Choux stuffed with Mushroom Pate
       Antipasto on Skewers
       Pecan Pie
       Famous Nut BAlls
       Deviled Eggs
       Lemon Bars
       Brownies (Grace and I make the best Brownies)
       Thee Quiches 

It looks like we will be having about 13 or 14 for Christmas Eve and "Open" timing:Starting at 6. There are just too many variables; too many children and a few crazy adults (I know, I've tried everything to get the ball rolling with a set time--not going to happen).

I'm getting excited.
Have a wonderful Christmas filled with Love.

Mary and Jones (& Cole)
I forgave Jones

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  1. Mary it sounds like a grand time for Christmas Eve. We have traditional dinner at my Parents (God love them) Everyone brings lots of food and drink!

    Wishing you a wondrous Holiday and All the best in the year ahead!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena