Saturday, January 5, 2013


My gorgeous and amazing daughter just sent me this photo of 1/2 of the clan on the slopes. She and Josh have all boys and James, older son, has all girls. That little purple beauty is James' oldest, Lauren. James, Grace and Kaia (4) and Mia (2) went sledding ....
Ethan (second from right) is a committed skate boarder and has been snow boarding since he was 6 or 7; Blake (can't believe that he is a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL--I was a young grand mother) is a great boarder also. Sam loves to fly down the slopes on skis and this is Lauren's first time out. She's a little jock; I'm assuming that within the first hour, she had mastered the baby slopes.


Maddy is about 13 and is constantly being stalked by Mini Beast--Jones is her protector. This morning she decided to help with computer chores...she fits perfectly on the keyboard.
I've been fighting some sort of bug all week and have been surrounded by the beasties--they are convinced that they are great nurses.....perhaps?
I meant to take photos of new place, but forgot. Things are looking better. Once I had Roberto (my second brain) on the same wave length we shaped it up pretty fast. Now on to the second room.........

Have a wonderful winter week-end. Surrounded by those you love.

Mary and Jones (Cole is snow boarding)


  1. Oh my, what a handsome family, good looking parents and children, but what I love most, "The family that plays together stays together." Wish you could have been there, I know you must be so proud.

    1. I was invited, but snow and cold aren't on my list. I am so proud of all of them. I wish that I had had photos of James and Grace and the two littlest girls. So sweet.
      Have a super week.