Thursday, February 14, 2013


Jones has two important jobs. 
No. 1 he must greet all  prospective clients promptly and with his most charming manners firmly in place. He has acquired a large following with past customers coming in to visit him regularly. And he really knows how to work it.
His second job is to protect the cats. Primarily he protects Maddy (7-8 lbs.) from Mini (about 23 lbs.) and he never fails to settle their fights quickly and effectively.
But lately, we have had a big tom cat visitor who would love to join the menagerie inside. However, this visitor is about as big as Mini and meaner than a raging bull. He even goes after Jones (who is not small) whenever he chooses to trespass in the back yard.
A couple of days ago Jones had had enough of being bullied. So, in dog fashion, he showed the cat who was boss: 

Notice Jones' perfect tracking form in the 1st photo. Then he catches the scent. Finally he pees on the exact spot where the cat had sprayed. Yes, that was the answer--just a good covering act.

Mr. Jones is still not forgiven for his latest mess:

And finally look at the Desk leather restoration--it is perfect and the artisan even replicated the original patina. Compare the before and then the after photos.


Roberto will finish the desk tomorrow. And it is set to go.

Auction Update:
I bought some great smalls and a very large carved decorative mirror plus a pair of cool mid-century brass lamps. However, because I was talking to a friend and after waiting patiently for a particular pair of (great Japanese lacquer) tables to come to the block, I lost my focus and away they went to some one else.... Life is all in the details and focus plays a huge role. And sometimes just showing up is enough.

Jones sends love from the "dog" house.
Be well.

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