Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today started out as a perfect day--beautifully sunny and clear with just a hint of crispness. 
And then...........I came out of the shower to find that my wonderful, sweet Jones had once again gone on the DESTROY THE HOUSE binge!!! (Note: Jones is always perfectly behaved when I leave him home ALONE. These shred the trash binges occur when he wants my negative attention......just like a 5 year old boy. I even took photos to post......
Then it progressed to a super productive day with Roberto finishing the restoration of the desk and the Edwardian side cabinets..........
My leather restorer turned out to be a master....and Roberto's work was perfect......And I took photos, actually pretty good photos.......
The day further progressed to my being slammed (and out of the blue and for no reason) by another dealer--I won't go into the gory details, but it was not a pretty experience.
Then my favorite clients came in while I was trying to settle my feathers...........
So no photos and hopefully the camera is where I think that I left it.
But ha-ha!(and the best way to settle my feathers)
There are a couple of things that I'm drooling over. But perhaps I'll be prudent and conservative after my excesses of last week.......
I spent a huge amount of money on vintage bronze 8" and 6" signage letters....they are pretty cool, but I definitely was not conservative. I hope that some one or a few some ones love bronze letters... (also took photos of the letters, but they are in the camera that I hope is still where I think I left it after I got my feathers ruffled.....

But tomorrow we start anew. No more ruffled feathers and (hopefully) a forgiving heart. It might take a few more days to process this one.

Jones says that he is sorry for making the MESS. (I doubt it)

Mary and Jones (& Cole)
...Oops......I forgot the worst part of the day. I just finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trilogy. I read all 2200 (more or less) pages of the three books strait through. These characters have become my best friends and I am going to miss them terribly...Mikael, Lizabeth, Armansky and Erika, farewell.
PPS........I also forgot to mention that my toilet got stopped up this morning (always a sign that things might not go as planned).
PPPS......found the camera on my dining room table--my feathers must still be ruffled as I took the photos of Jones' mess after I got home!!
                     WHAT A DAY


  1. Oh, Mary, I am headed out the door for the day, and I must must must come back and re-read this post!! WOW! It has yet to sink in, all you wrote! I hope today and the rest of the week will be banner in good things! Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Oh, thank you! By the time I hit the pillow, the day was over and I'm fine. I'm still going to miss Lizbeth.
    Happy Valentine's to you also. Wish me luck!!