Friday, April 19, 2013


When I previewed "my" auction on Wednesday, I spied a great John Widdicomb sideboard in a gorgeous  dark mottled faux tortoise lacquer finish that dated to the 1960's--and I set my sights on it. The sideboard was kind of hiding at the beginning of the auction and I thought that I could probably get it at the price point where I could make a nice profit after minor restoration work. The sideboard was shaped like this (but much better quality and condition):

But, boy!! was I off with my estimate of what I thought the sideboard would sell for--it went for almost double what I had wanted to pay for it (I was the great under-bidder).
Fortunately, there was another little piece that I had my eye on (business has been a little off--so I'm watching my buying pennies very carefully). I love 17th and early 18th century pieces of furniture. They call to me: I especially love it when the piece has retained its original patina and hardware. This little table had all of the details that draw me to these very old pieces: original patinated ebonized finish, original iron hardware, original drawer bottom (replaced drawer runners--which is normal and means that I don't have to do the restoration work), great hand made square nails, original stretchers and very little worming (unusual in a table of this age and use). As an added plus, sometime in the 18th century the old top had been secured to the base with huge hand made screws.
The 17th c. side table looks something like this, with higher level detailing and slightly larger:

I think that she will be happy to join my other 17th century pieces....

This is a late 17th c. Spanish Chestnut "Arca" or chest

Her next new friend will be this 17th c. English Oak Bible Box

This 17th c. Flemish (Dutch) mirror will look great when placed above the side table. There's Jones....

And these Italian (Venetian) Hall Chairs will make great company--although they are a bit later and date to the very early 18th c.

I'll take some photos showing her great original details tomorrow when I unload the table.

I am so grateful that those responsible (known so far)  for the Boston terrorist attack have been detained. Saddened that so many lives were lost or shredded; senseless violence. 

Jones says "hi"--he needs a haircut very badly!
Have a wonderful Spring week-end; it will be gorgeous here in SC.

Mary and Jones (& Cole)


  1. Hello Jones and Mary, too! I adore that little table. The details are perfection! Such a keen eye girlfriend!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, I'll post some photos of the "actual" table as soon as Roberto spiffs it up. I love the hunt.
      Have a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

  2. Mary,
    You have some amazing early pieces. I'm just catching up from being away. Have been working on a project in CT. Lots of driving back and forth. The Venetian hall chairs are gorgeous.....very Saladino!

    1. Hi Loi, Thank you!! Yes, I have been passionately in love with the work of John Saladino for many years. But I think that these pieces represent my years in Spain and Mexico. Each of them has acquired its particular soul. Don't you wish you had a chauffeur right about now? Blessings for your project--can't wait to see the photos. xoxo