Monday, April 15, 2013


I'm in the midst of updating my website......I know what I want, but I'm not sure how to get there. Structure seems to be out. Great photos on a slider are in. 
Today when I clicked on to Grant Gibson's blog post of the day--eureka (sp?)!!! There it was: clean, direct and just the kind of impression that I want my viewers to have. 
Yep, we are definitely all connected and answers just seem to arise when we most need them. Of course, my updates will be different from Grant's, but for the first time, I have a site that I can point my designer to and say: "This is what I'm aiming for!"

                       THANK YOU GRANT!

Have a wonderful spring day--it is gently raining here in Los Angeles--crisp and fresh and just a bit moody. (I can pretend I've returned to living in the Basque Country of Northern Spain)

Be well.
Mary and Jones (& Cole)

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