Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've admitted to my CHAIR ADDICTION in previous posts.........but aren't these guys just begging for a make-over?? (Rebecca Minkoff doesn't get into trouble when she does make-overs, right?)

I purchased these sassy guys several months ago and have been obsessing over fabric choices: silk? velvet? toile? pattern? silk faille? Nothing seemed to work in my imagination. When all my other options fell by the wayside, I decided on a black Ralph Lauren very sturdy linen----of course, I had it in my textile/fabric stash all along.
Alex picked the chairs up a couple of weeks ago. Just looked what strutted their stuff walking in the door this afternoon! Once again I am in love--with the chauffeuses and with Alex. (I'll worry about the chair addiction later)




The French term for these chairs is "chauffeuse" which means fireside chairs. I guess we could call them slipper chairs and still be accurate. These chauffeuses are French Moderne in style and date to the1940's (I think) could be later, but not earlier. The frames were in almost perfect condition with the caning intact. Look at the "glam" Hollywood Regency gold and silver finish--still in great shape with normal patination.  (Do you think Dorothy Draper might have traveled to France?) Because I like to mix things up, I think that these guys would even work with fine period antique furniture to add a bit of lightness and humor. A boudoir with these guys would make anyone feel like dressing up. On either side of my 17th c. provincial side table, fantastic! Maybe placing this pair of 1930-1940 sconces (not a very good photo--I'll take a better one tomorrow) over the chauffeuses?


I hope that your day was as creatively blessed as mine.

I want to thank Karena of for featuring me today. I am truly blessed and honored. Reading Karena's blog always deepens my knowledge of the art/creative arena, as well as the world in general.

Thanks for stopping by--wishing you the best of a gorgeous May Sunday.

Mary and Jones (& Cole)


  1. Stunning chairs with the black RL Fabric against the gilded arms and legs! I am so thrilled that you like your feature article Mary!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you immensely for your post about me. I have received so much positive feed back. Sending my love and prayers, always.

  2. I am introduced to you and your blog by Karena, and am glad that she asked me to read her post about you. It seems we live in a small world, I too have an obsession for chairs, antique and new both :) and just yesterday bought a pair of French chairs and did my post on that.

    I think your choice of fabric/color is great, the design and detail of these chairs now stand out more.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much! I'm seeing a lot of black and white right now. Love your new chairs. Have a wonderful week-end.

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    1. Thank you. I hope that you are having a wonderful Mother's Day week-end.