Thursday, August 22, 2013


This has been a very unusual much unexpected growth. I haven't yet processed it all yet, but I do know that life is expanding and good.

Mia has had her first Proton Radiation Sessions and she appears to be doing very well. It is way too early to tell if the radiation is having the desired affect, but God is in the midst of all of my faith is strong. I'm picking James (my son) up tomorrow night at LAX--I know how he is torn between wanting to stay with Mia and Grace and his desire to be with Lauren and Kaia...The doctors do not anticipate that the radiation will cause any damage to Mia's hearing or eyesight or to her brain. This is such good news--there is still a huge challenge to overcome the vision loss that has already occurred, but we'll just leave those concerns for the future.

There really wasn't much to buy today--but I can always find something.......Richard and I bought (and probably scored) a sweet and good pair of Baltic (Russian) neoclassical chairs that I believe date to c. 1810-20.....nobody was paying too much attention to these beauties; so they came home with us....I won't be picking them up until tomorrow--I'll post photos on Saturday.  And we also bought a nice medium-level set of six French Deco dining chairs upholstered in white leather----which means that they do not need any work and are set to go. I'll be posting these guys to One King's Lane. And we bought a good-sized bronze and crystal Louis XV-style chandelier which will also go on One King's Lane.
I'll post some photos on Saturday......
For now, I'm off to bed.
Be well.
Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. Dear Mary, keeping you and your family in my heart and prayers. Mia is a strong little one!

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