Monday, December 23, 2013


This is the condition of my fantastic pair of c. 1950-70's terra cotta dolphins from my prior post. Super as found condition, but with the major exception of the broken off top plateau on both dolphins. I was pretty sure that the tops could not be restored--I considered fitting a marble piece to the bases, perhaps a faux marble......but just look at what my amazing ceramic and glass restorer magically did to my guys-----

Restorations at this level of perfection are not cheap, but are definitely worth their weight in gold. I will point out the fact that the tops have been restored when selling; but I'll also explain that the tops are now stronger than the original tops as they have been recreated using steel wire dowels and mesh which will make them super strong and able to withstand being picked up by the tops, instead of properly picked up by the bases. 
Couple of detail shots.......

Christmas did come early!!

And while we are on the subject of Christmas, I STILL HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING.

I know, I know..... Perhaps, I just won't. It has been a very unusual year. Move to new location (just up the street); Mia's illness; my son Andrew returning from his latest quest; new partner; no new partner; braces for Ethan; "Morning Mom" for many months, etc., etc., etc.
I am incredibly grateful for this amazing year--enormous personal growth; revisiting so many situations of the past, but not making the same (stuck) decisions; even relinquishing my love of Christmas at my house (just this year) to my daughter without guilt or sadness. The simple joy of just being with what is. 
Well, I do need to get busy baking pies, need to get to grocery store (oops--will there be any food left?)...
But Monday is here and it's off to the shop to meet with 3 designers who made appointments with me yesterday!!! We'll see what arrives in Santa's sleigh today.
Jones says "hi"--he had donuts for breakfast yesterday. He loves donuts and knows exactly where the donut shop is and points to it every time we drive by. What's a mom to do?
Sending Christmas blessings for a joyous time surrounded by love and gratitude.

Mary & Jones (and Cole)

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