Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I usually take New Year's Eve and Day rather seriously...it is a time for me to take stock of the past year and reorder myself for the coming months.....
That said, I did my homework early this year. It has been a different type of year for me, definitely letting go of expectations and learning not to plan too very tightly so that the unexpected can break through.

So today I'm cooking. I'm making a humble attempt to honor some of the countries in which I have been blessed to have lived and celebrated New Year's Days.
My childhood memories in Mexico of course include pozole and tamales....I'm not very experienced at making tamales--but we live in Southern California and the corner (and excellent) taco restaurant makes great tamales.
Then there are my five years living in the South--North Carolina and Texas; so I'm making black-eyed peas and ham with biscuits and corn bread.
And of course, my most beloved years in Spain--we'll be celebrating with grapes and Spanish sparkling wine. To ring in the new year and bring luck for all of the coming 12 months, Spaniards eat one grape for each time the clock strikes at midnight. Note: they are really good if you soak them for a while in wine!!
And to finish off, I think that I'll experiment with some almond cookies.
What traditions are you honoring this year? Do your plans include a few hours apart? Celebrating with family or friends? A trip to The Big Apple for sheer joy and madness?
Jones is staying home (sigh)--he gets too excited at New Years.
Sending Blessings for a fantastically prosperous 2014.

Mary & Jones (and Cole)

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