Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm still organizing, but Roberto set up the Period Empire Daybed on Saturday. The daybed had been in storage for at least 4 years; so when I saw it installed, my heart skipped a little beat. I love him. As with everything in life, it is the little details that make the difference. The beauty of the flamed mahogany panels and the (apparently) original gilding on the ormolu make this piece stand out. I've sold many daybeds/beds---this one has a unique mattress size: 44" x 71"--not even a 3/4 size or a large twin.

The bed needs a tiny bit of restoration, but not much and then he is set to go up on 1stdibs.

Flavio delivered the Biedermeier daybed on Saturday. It turned out very well; of course, it is not at the same level as the one above, but it can hold its own. Photos coming next post.
Flavio took a look at the credenza

Fortunately, the original 1950's lacquer can be restored. If the piece, which measures 103" long, needed to be completely relacquered, the cost would have almost tripled. The drawer fronts and cabinet doors will be ivory lacquered in such a way as to allow the graining of the wood to show through the finish. Andrew is working on polishing the vintage gorgeous brass hardware--it takes a perfect touch to give just enough shine without hurting the naturally occurring patina.

Here is a good example of getting polishing just right.
This is a Period English Regency (c.1820) solid copper with brass detailing hot water urn--some would call it a samovar, but really it is a hot water urn.  It was really, really dark when I brought it home last week; you could barely distinguish the lovely engine turned details. Andrew spent at least two hours very carefully bringing out the original surface and highlighting the brass. This urn has never been restored; so it still has the expected dings and the loss of the (probably) ebony finial to the brass spigot. Surprisingly, the urn has retained its original iron well for the hot coals and the cover for the well...many times these fittings were removed and subsequently lost. I love metal pieces like this urn--they offer a window into a world without electricity, with little technology and before the industrial revolution, meaning that hand crafted was virtually the only method of fabrication possible. Where letters, heart revealing letters, were the principal means of communication. The thought of 3-dimensional printers replacing work shops (true factories were in their infancy) and the concept of cryptic 2-line texts replacing many forms of communication would only have been envisioned as a lunatic's ravings. (Eclipse tonight)

I've been waiting for tonight's eclipse..it started a few minutes ago....I'll try to take some shots. The night is very clear and just barely crisp. I wish I had studied up on how to use my NEW camera, but I'll have to settle for the little trusty Canon point and shoot.

I feel very overwhelmed by nature's gorgeous night displayed and very underwhelmed by my photographic skills. I didn't think that the eclipse was discernably red?? Maybe in the desert? I'm reminded that I am simply a grain of sand.

Have a wonderful Easter Week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!! I love the patina of the flamed mahogany - stunning! You have a talented team there!!! I always enjoy seeing your inventory. How is Mia? Cheers

    1. Hi Loi, Thank you. My team is composed of Roberto and me. Andrew goeswhere the blows. Mia is doing super super well. Miracles and love. Happy Easter week and gardens.
      xoxoxo Mary

    2. Give Mia a big hug from all of us :)

    3. Hi Loi, I will. Every day I am reminded of the little miracle that we have with us. Her speech and other skills are catching up with where she should be. And she has such a vibrant personality, even after everything that she has been through this past year.
      xoxoxo Mary

  2. So impressive Mary!! It all comes together beautifully with your talented artisans!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, I love it when a plan comes together! Have a super Spring Day.
      xoxo Mary