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 I Have been mulling over this topic for a post for the last 10 days or so--and then bingo! Jennifer of Peak of Chic beat me to it--and Jennifer stated and explained it so perfectly.                                       (Ref."")
Jennifer sees a return to classic late 70's design as exemplified by the great Billy Baldwin, Van Day Truex, Albert Hadley and Billy Hinson among other. Saturated deep colors (rich chocolate browns, deep grays, even yellows and gold, small prints, lots of brass, classic furniture and quality antique elements.
When I studied the various blog posts on the latest North Carolina Market (thank you Meg of Pigtown Design, Marisa Marcoantonio of Stye Beat and Stacy of Quintessence and, of course, Maison21) I realized that all of the great pieces being shown at Market were essentially updated/modernized renditions of c. 1960's-1980's classics.
Take a look.........

This gorgeous cabinet is from Aerin Lauder's line. It is already a classic, but it clearly derives from Paul Frankl, Renzo Rutilli and Heritage furniture designs.

The above console is from Jamie Drake's collection-stunning!! It references the best of Art Deco with a bit of Billy Hanes thrown in--another classic in the making. (Note the saturated and small print background??) Just look at that brass!

I love this bold coffee table from Alexa Hampton--the rich eggplant tone is snatched directly from the late 70's. Think of Billy Hanes huge coffee tables.

This cabinet from Larry Laslo directly references the French Empire period and French Modernism--it is fantastic, but not that different from the pair c 1950's Drexel Chests that I sold a few months ago...

Yes, my guys had a more asian aesthetic, but the overall impression is similar.  Note how the Laslo chest incorporates fine antique style detailing with the outset corners and gold leafing.

This pair of brass and glass campaign tables is a project that I have been working on for a month--the faux bamboo frames date to the late 70's or early 80's and are renditions of a Jacques Adnet table design that dates to the late 1950's (this pair of Jacques Adnet tables is pulled from 1stdibs).

I bought the frames at auction (and they were a bit pricey) and took them to three different workshops to have the necessary updating carried out. The leather strapping work was an adventure for me as well as the custom leather craftsmen who made the straps and mounted was only after the straps were cut and mounted that I thought to ask if they were able to stitch leather to wrap the faux bamboo top rails (just like Jacques Adnet!!!!) and yes they can.....I'm so excited. An entire creative option has just opened up. This pair of tables is finished, but I'm considering taking them back to have the rails wrapped in leather (I think that the strapping would just barely fit back over the leather??)............... Best part is that I have a second pair of frames.

Now------on to the new lighting designs being shown at Market

This gorgeous brass sconces by Aerin Lauder is a clear riff on French Art Deco and Modernism sconces, but with a slight twist. (A bit of Giacometti??)

French Modernism pops up again in this sconce by Ballario.

Compare the heft and mass of this new lamp by Arteriors with my vintage c. 1970-80's solid brass lamps (note the size/style of the white shades--echos of 70's and 80's shades).

Here is another pair of late 1970's brass lamps from my inventory--These are Frederick Cooper and are fantastic and huge--maybe I need to start looking at different shades for them??

Remember how many classical daybeds turned up during my search through the major shelter magazines last month and consider, also, the fanfare revolving around "One Man's Folly"......I can't wait for this certain richness to return to contemporary design and I will definitely be primed to sell to this aesthetic.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week.
Be well.

Mary & Jones (& Cole)


  1. Mary I love this post and must say I agree with Jennifer and you both. Those campaign tables are stunning!! If I only had a spot. I am wondering if lighter shades would set off your fabulous lamps as well.

    News to tall you will email soon.
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, THANK YOU!! Yep, got to change those shades. Have a wonderful week--waiting for your news!!
      xoxo Mary

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, and I especially love those campaign tables you've been working on! xoxo, D

    1. Hi Honey........I'm glad you like them, but they are not going to your house.
      Love you, MOM