Monday, June 30, 2014

AND HERE HE IS--Very Large Heritage Credenza

Finally, this bruiser is ready for sale. The total length of this unusual Heritage credenza that dates to the late 1950s-early 60s is 101" and it is in the style of Renzo Rutilli. To find such large mid-century pieces in good condition is not easy--which is why I expended so much effort to bring this guy to his Sunday Best.
Here are a couple of detail photos



The original mottled green lacquer on the case section would have been next to impossible to duplicate--in some lights it reads a yellow-green; in others an Italian green; in a dark room, it reads almost black.

Thanks for being so patient with my trials and tribulations regarding this credenza--hopefully, this will be the last time I learn the lessons of checking the details every single step of the way (*note to self).

All of my charges are surviving-- the alligator (as in gecko) stayed home. I didn't turn off the lights in the salt water fish tank last night because I was afraid of turning off the very imposing looking filter (and I would never recover if I killed Josh's fish and shrimp and clams and anemone, etc.); so I think that the fish will sleep well tonight. Jones and Cole are having a great time and Dao's cats are afraid of Jones so they have not appeared (but are sneaking around to eat)...all is well.

Have a wonderful week......and 4th of July.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. What a showstopper!! You are making me love mid century, Mary! By the way, I just pulled out my tape measure - that is an impressive length. Congrats on this beauty. Have a wonderful 4th!!

    1. Hi Loi, Thank you so much. It's the hardware that cinches the deal. Now on to the next adventure. Have a wonderful week---when are you going up the coast for the summer?
      xoxo Mary

    2. Heading there soon!! Can't wait :)

    3. Smooth sailing this time! Can't wait for more photos of your little slice of heaven.
      xo Mary

  2. It is stunning Mary and someone is going to have to have this credenza in their home!
    Pet sitting is quite a responsibility, I know the feeling!

    The Arts by Karena