Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'm not sure where my love of containers came from. Perhaps it's a spiritual thing. We all are vessels meant to contain life and love and memories and the breath of God. Meant to hold and share our creative spirits. Lately I've been buying a few buckets..... they are definitely not a Southern California "thing" but that hasn't held me back.
Here is my latest purchase--an English Regency Wine Cooler in mahogany with brass banding and lion's head handles. I took this photo at auction--it's now waiting for Roberto to work his magic. Note the beautiful reeding to the saber legs plus the brass lion's paw feet.

I've searched and searched the internet, but I haven't been able to find another example quite like this one--sitting on a (soon to be) beautiful Regency single pedestal. A cooler is a bucket? Yep.
Of course, all of my buckets are also example of antique copper or brass work, another passion. Nothing is more beautiful than the glow of polished antique brass or copper--the antique metals are much warmer than contemporary brass or copper--or even iron. Modern iron is much harder and does not acquire the beautiful soft patina of antique hand forged iron.
Roberto just finished spiffing up this Regency Oak and Brass wine bucket. It also features lion's head handles and brass lion's paw feet.

 I acquired this large 19th c. brass bucket a couple of months ago. I think it might be American, perhaps a a large English peat bucket. I love the size of this guy--would be a charming log holder. The photos don't really highlight the size....

I love the fine brass loop and rivets holding the forged iron handle.
And last up is an 18th c. (?) copper bucket or pot. This is one of my favorite metal pieces--it has been beautifully repaired where the copper wore thin from use. The copper is warm and the hand hammered surface invites fingers. 

I love the old rivets, the patina and the beautifully forged iron handle.

I have some more copper and brass pieces at home which I'll write about in another post......Jones is pacing about waiting for me to go to bed. My master calls (he was humping one of his friends at the park today; so we had to leave).

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Cole 


  1. These are beautiful. I love the patina and textures of time's hard knocks. Let's hope that the vessels that we are will be able to shine up nicely with age this way -and not just look bunged up !

    1. Hi Gesbi, Yes, yes!! That's exactly what I;m working on. Have a wonderful day. xo

  2. Mary I really love the very last one; although the Wine Cooler is amazing as well!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena. Yes, I love the ones with the most soul, also. Have a wonderful fall day! xoxo