Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am so excited to close out 2014.........don't quite know why, but I started out on the wrong foot and never quite seemed to come into sync with the year. I think that I'm not alone in this.
We had far fewer Christmas decorations in many neighborhoods this year; the stores were really not as beautifully decorated nor merry as in past years; many of the people that I encountered this season were not as enthused about the Christmas Season as in the past. Wiffs of melancholy seemed to hover in the air.
I hope that 2015 brings a new fresh wind into our sails. A wind that will shine light into the areas that we all need to work on for growth--both personal and collective. A brisk wind that pushes towards truth and light.
I met a new blogger this year who has opened my eyes and heart. If you haven't yet visited I suggest that you hop on over. My heart beats stronger with every one of Ellie's post. 
And, of course, I am over-the-moon grateful for Miracle Mia and her continued healing--beating all expectations.
To my wonderful blogger buddies--thanks for your support (you know who you are).
Thank you all for stopping by for a little bit of antiques info...sometimes letting me get a little preachy. 


Jones sends love--he's going to the park tomorrow for sure (I'm running out of shoes for him to destroy)


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