Sunday, December 7, 2014


I went to see my friend Ryan Anderson's new shop ("SPACE 84")yesterday and I almost lost my marbles when I saw this pair of beaded decorations.
Here are a couple of detail shots

My friend Susan (co-owner of the decorations) had sent me iphone photos of these guys and asked for my opinion--of course, the photos were of poor quality and I never imagined that the actual decorations would be this gorgeous. 
The bases of the decorations are large chunks of near gem quality rock crystal; the beading is composed of gem quality tiny coral branches with seed pearls, turquoise (I think it is actual turquoise) and (I think) faceted rock crystal beads (they could be simply faceted crystal-but I don't think so).
There is no indication of the maker and I'm guessing that the decorations date either to the 1960s or 40s--but not sure. I'm thinking French in origin??
Then I spied these REAL SHAGREEN nesting tables--and guess what? They are signed Karl Springer. Apparently very few examples of this table were made; and these are in very good condition. They are even faced with shagreen on the underside of the tables.
Aren't they gorgeous? (Those stripes are shadows)

My mouth is watering with desire. Ryan has many other fantastic offerings. I can't wait til Ryan has his website up and running and then I'll highlight more of his inventory.
We are moving into my larger space on La Cienega tomorrow; so I'd better get to bed.
Jones is doing much better. I cut off the soft cast yesterday and today he started putting a bit of weight on his injured foot........another two weeks and he should be as good as new!!
Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole

******** Ryan's shop is SPACE 84 (in the Pasadena Antique Center Square)--20 East Bellevue, Pasadena, CA 91105 ********


  1. Mary I was in bed last night reading this post on my phone and had to see it up close on the computer!! Gorgeous so intricate and delicate! The shagreen nesting tables are incredible as well!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena. Thank you. Yes, they are gorgeous. I hope that we can discover exactly who created them. xoxo Mary