Thursday, March 12, 2015


It was a great Auction Thursday....sorry, forgot to take photos; so I pulled some images of pieces from Google and 1stdibs that are similar to what I bought today. You really have to go to auction with a very open mind--you just never know what is going to go way too high (and I've set my sights on just that piece) or what will go low. Or (as what happened today) the auctioneer doesn't see your bid because some one jumps in front of you...
I wanted to purchase a set of four Katavolos T-chairs (and so did a lot of other people)........ I loved the patination of the carmel colored leather---there's always more!!

I wanted to purchase a 19th c. French farm table similar to this one........

But didn't get it!

And I really, really wanted a 19th c. large French Bistro table

The Bistro table at auction today had a slightly more refined marble, but it went for twice the price of this 1stdibs listed table.......not my kind of price point. (It's a secret, but we dealers do try to make a little profit)
HOWEVER---I did bring home some really good pieces:
I bought a period Louis XIII small side table similar to this one, but with more exaggerated turnings and finial and it appears to retain its original dark surface and it has a little lip around the top. This is a nice little Louis XIII table, but just a tad bit boring, n'est pas?

Next up was a trio of glass sculptures by the well-listed American artist Suzanne Pascal (1914- ). Here's an example (higher level than mine)

I'm embarrassed at what I paid for them--yep, a bit of profit here.
Then I bought an early 20th c. Chinese lacquered pigskin trunk something like this guy

but in better condition and with its original lacquered stand. I have a client who was looking for a black Chinese trunk--perhaps this one will work.
And, at the very end of the auction, I bought two medium-sized Steuben footed bowls.

I realize that Steuben is not currently "in", but these beautiful Steuben pieces are classic and this amazing American company--sadly, is no long in existence. Quality never looses its value.
I also bought some other stuff--just for a bit of filler.
Hopefully Roberto will be close by so that he can come unload for me.
It takes a huge amount of perseverance, focus and a lot of patience to stay at auction all day--but I love this serendipitous, never quite knowing what's evolving process. (Note to self: drink plenty of water and coffe and always carry good chocolate.) Plus I get to see many of my dealer buddies (remember: there are no friends at auction).

It hit 90* today. I pray that is not signaling the end of winter just yet. We need quite a few more good storms to roll through to alleviate our drought--lots more snow in the Sierra. I hope that Boston is beginning to thaw--wish it were possible to truck all that snow to California.

Jones is gradually getting back to himself. And I'm grateful. I'm settling in to my two new/old locations and am soooooo happy. 
I'll take photos of these items and post them to my website shortly....for now it's off to bed.

Have a wonderful almost Spring week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary some great pieces, I adore the Louis XIII side table!! The art glass, wonderful! So happy to see that Jones is doing better! The weather here has been glorious and so I have been out walking again! Enjoy the weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Karena!! I'm so glad that youguys are having a break from winter. Thanks for the kudos--have a wonderful week-end, as well. xoxo Mary

  3. Well hello there! What magnificent ideas for auction treasures! I have a little table similar to the Louis table, but not as old and I painted it grey...looks wonderful! And the French farm table, how unfortunate that you did not purchase it! Those are such treasures. We have an English country farm table and it's waxed on the surface, ready to be elegant or rustic any time.

    Dear one, thank you kindly for coming to visit me. I have enjoyed some time away from blogging but loved posting yesterday. School, reading and writing and working on my book have been such great pleasures for me!

    Enjoy your weekend and go out and find some new treasures! Anita

    1. Hi Anita, Thank you!! Yes, the continual hunt. I never worry about what I don't win at auction as I know that there will always be more--it's the way life works. Now the hustle to connect with the buyer. Have a wonderful Sunday!
      xoxo Mary