Sunday, September 20, 2015


   It rained cats and dogs on Tuesday morning --almost 2 inches.
   We had a tsunami warning for the coast of Southern California caused by the earthquake in Chile.
   Nate Berkus came into shop on Friday and bought a table from me!!!!!!!!!
Nate's purchase was a great welcome back for me: I have tried to down play the fact that I was to have hip surgery on September 1. I'm not a coward, but I really abhor medical procedures, hospitals, the color of hospitals, the smell, the un-charming uniforms, etc. (Probably goes back to the fact that I was one of the first very tiny preemie babies to survive and spent the first 2.5 months of my existence in hospital. But as a dear friend used to advise me: "get over it!!"..........
Any way, the hip replacement goes back to an old dog park injury. When the pitt bull took me down (he actually loves me) by accident 3 years ago, I knew that this time the injury probably would not heal without some outside interference.
Since I had to have the surgery I decided that some goal-setting was in order. My goal was to be back at work two weeks (14 days) after surgery..........every one looked at me as if I were crazy.....but I stuck to my goal. The first few days after surgery are a complete blurr (the anesthesia and pain meds did not agree with me). Also I developed severe sciatica in the leg with the new hip.............and I was pretty sure that I would not meet me stated goal. But guess what??????? I got my stitches out and was released to drive and go to work on my target date. (See what goal setting and stubborness can do.) But I decided to listen to my body instead of my hard-headed ego.
I went back to work today, just a few days later than planned and on a day when I wouldn't be spending 2.5-3 hours in traffic (I'm not supposed to sit too long).
I have been going crazy (amost) can't stand the inactivity and having to be careful with every move I make for the first few weeks post surgery.  Worst of all: no auctions or buying!!! But I've been good and have stayed focused on getting all of my existing inventory perfectly restored---and the cost of restorations has increased.....

As you can see from the photo, Jones does not do well when we are not together.......but he's back to his usual naughty tricks now that I'm home.


  1. Mary You are amazing and Nate in the shop !! Which table did he purchase ( or is that confidential!)
    You know i Have been through this surgery time and again and your goals propelled you forward!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

    1. Hi Karena, THANK YOU. The surgery was a bit more complex than I had envisioned. But it's done. Nate B. bought the 19th c. very rustic French trestle farm table for a client. (The one that my daughter said no one would buy because it was warped) Sending love, Mary