Friday, September 25, 2015


Yesterday I, among thousands of others, watched and listened to Pope Francis at the Evening Prayer Service and Re-dedication of St. Patrick's Cathedral. I watched as this simple man brought a spirit of unity to our Nation. His first spoken words were expressions of compassion and brotherhood for the Muslim community in regards to the developing tragedy in Mecca. The Pope's exhortation to all of us who listened (I interpreted his words as not being limited to Catholics/clergy-but applicable to all of us of faith) to lives our lives in gratitude, rejecting money and power and materialism as worthy personal goals. He urged reconciliation, forgiveness, generosity and love for the poor. Praising women; not judging or condemning those who were previously rejected by the Church. He urged a rededication to the work of the Church in service to those in need; at the same time he stressed the importance of balance and rest as forms of personal renewal. 
I so often loose my way, my balance in life--how is simple it would be to always remember to seek rest and renewal in its most simple form. I think of the times that I slip into judgement of others--usually because I've allowed my self to become out-of-balance--maybe too hungry, thirsty and especially tired. How much easier life would be if I could just automatically remember to be grateful; if I could automatically remember that my purpose in life is to bring light into my present.
I am honored to witness renewal and growth in so many forms that is occurring in the World at this time. Renewal, any kind of change that disturbs the status quo, will bring with it turmoil, but I feel that change is definitely coming and I would hope that I could welcome it with an open fearless heart.



  1. Mary I am so fortunate to have your for a friend! Lately since joining India Hicks, I have been wearing the "Thank your Lucky Stars" token, which has a cluster of stars on the back. It reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for, even during the difficult times we all face! It would be perfect for you!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you. Yes, to remember that no matter what the circumstances, there are blessings to be derived. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK-END. xoxox Mary