Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I FOUND ANOTHER ONE...... This is the third period Secretaire a Abattant that I've had in the past year. This time I didn't have a day free to preview my Thursday auction, which puts me outside my comfort zone. However, I have been practicing staying connected and in the flow; so I set my anxiety aside and just went for it-- I ascribe to Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" premises--but just didn't have the courage to go there......Silly me. 
This gorgeous 18th c. Transitional Louis XVI Secretaire a Abattant had a few losses to its marquetry, but its main and huge problem is that the top drawer and the fall front were locked and the key had disappeared in some misadventure during its 250 years of life. But of course, I had my secret weapon in reserve: R-O-B-E-R-T-O!!!! Roberto had opened my previous Abattant (a Louis XV) and had even been able to unlatch the side bars on that lock. So I brought this guy home at an alarmingly low price--it was so low that I thought the piece must be 19th c. or even 20th c. But no--it's true 1760-70 Transitional Louis XVI.
Roberto was so nasty. He made me wait until he had finished restoring the marquetry (visible bandaids) before he started checking to see if any of his or my spare 18th c. keys would fit the lock......EUREKA. He had it on the third or fourth try.

Look at that beautiful interior with its inlaid drawer fronts and figured mahogany. I really think that this boy was not used much as the leather appears to be original and the drawers and mahogany interior have not be refinished and they are almost mint. The lock is very large with a double locking bar--unusual. Needless to say, I started jumping up and down (the hip is doing really well).
Here are a few detail photos

There are a few restoration details that couldn't be completed today: the bronzes need to be buffed and the veneer and marquetry restorations need to be completed (sanding, in-painting, etc.). Once Roberto has polished the Abattant, it will really shine.

Thanks for letting me brag a bit....I found a couple of other treasures, but they will have to wait for another post.

Have a super week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. You do indeed have bragging rights, Mary!! What a fabulous piece of furniture and really needing a small amount of work considering!! Email me soon at my new address
    I am excited to talk and am so happy your hip is doing so well!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff

  2. Hi Karena---keep intending too, but time just slips by so quickly. I loved you latest post What an amazing woman. xoxxo Mary

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