Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This is why I love what I do--something new to learn every day. 
I spotted this set of 10 rattan and cane dining chairs at Preview last week. (There was also a table which was in wobbly condition--so it went into dumpster) I thought that these guys were copies of 60s-70s McGuire dining chairs and knew that I wanted them. So on Thursday I gaged when I should arrive at auction; got there on time; waited 3 hours for them to come to the block............that's the way it goes. Anyway, when the chairs came to the block, Don wanted to start the bid at $500. He waited and announced......I wanted to start the bid at $400. With much expressed pain Don accepted my bid and then called the raise. Waited. Called the raise again. Waited. I had those chairs at $400!!! I was so excited. But some one slipped in $450 just before the hammer went down; so I had to go to $500 (Just like what Don had originally wanted).....too much of a coincidence: I think Don faked a bid just so that he could get the chairs up to $500. But I'm happy. They were still a fantastic buy even with the lot fee of 18% added to the bid amount.
It is so unusual to find sets of 10 chairs--especially when they are in this great condition (I'll need to get the cane on one seat replaced) and with top quality custom-made down/feather seat cushions which will need to be upholstered by end use buyer. And they are this amazing form--Chinoiserie, but subtle.
I'm off to Preview in a couple of minutes.....wish me luck.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary! I love, love these chairs, of course I would only need two (and really don't NEED them at all!)

    Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  2. Hi Karena, I knew that you would like them. The response at shop has been great, also. Sending love for a wonderful Easter. xoxoxo Mary

  3. Fabulous chairs! Love that curved tub-shaped backrest. That $50!!! I agree with you, Mary!! Still a great buy.

    1. Hi Loi, Yes, I love them, too. Hope that all is well.......and plans are proceeding for the new renovation in Maine. I love new adventures. xoxo Mary