Friday, May 6, 2016


I love writing this blog. The act of writing forces me to organize my thoughts; challenges me to research items a bit more intensely; allows me to connect with the world; helps me see myself more clearly; and when I reread an older posts, shows me trends and where I'm going in my life and business. Thank you all for allowing me all of these pleasures.
A few months ago I discovered that I was acquiring items when I heard a voice in my ear that said "BUY" and I learned that I shouldn't buy when I do not hear that voice (I have gone off the wagon a bit in that area and am suffering the consequences of some "bad" impulsive buys--oh well, mistakes makes me sharper)
Anyway.....last Wednesday, at Preview, I found this Japanese screen and bells started going off in my head.

I think that this particular screen depicts one of The Tales of Genji--a 14th c. (?)  Japanese ruler (a very famous and good theme).
In the past, I have acquired several Japanese paper screens and one Chinese paper scholar screen (my personal all time favorite) dating to the early 18th c. (and several coromandel screens). I bought this small Japanese table screen last year (just for me as the condition is pretty degraded). While researching the large screen from this week, I discovered that this little beauty dates to the 17th c. early Tokugawa or Edo period. I love her despite her well-lived condition. The floral scene is painted on fine gold leafed paper affixed to calligraphic paper.

But I digress....... Anyway, I bought the big screen and with that screen came a second, bigger screen, that I hadn't even looked at because it had a puncture in the gold leafed paper. More restorations and $$$$. This second larger, more minimal screen was created using only beautiful gold leafed paper with faint outlines of mountains (and clouds, think). As I went through my photos, I realized that I had already purchased similar items (Huuummm...trends?). This Renzo Rutili cabinet has door fronts that are very similar to that second screen--lots of gold with mountains. Of course the screen is much bigger measuring about 6' x 8'--but still.

I had already acquired this 8.6 foot Chinese altar table which would work well contrasting the refined gold leaf of the screen with the rough aesthetic of the table...... 

And let's not forget the Daqi lacquer altar table.

Of course, the Chinese Black and "gold" mid-century chest needs a focal point pickup. 

And last, but not least, these great Marbro lamps with Japanese mirror black porcelain bases would look amazing in front of the gold leaf screen or the Tales of Genji screen.....

As I sit here writing, what comes to mind is that I've drifted a bit away from my usual daily practice of reading The Tao. The simplicity, but perfection, of all of these items reminds me to refocus my internal eye to what really matters to me--my connections. I'm still that little Catholic convent-raised girl, but with eyes more open and embracing. When I read The Tao, I center more easily and my ears hear what they need to hear and my faith is strengthened knowing that there is order in the universe, that we are as intended.
I hope all of this makes sense---thanks for sticking with me.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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