Saturday, July 30, 2016


I bought these guys a few weeks ago--I thought they were cool and perhaps Murano. I priced them rather low, not thinking they were anything important. I also posted them to Chairish at a very low price.
As I was checking out another piece, I saw a glass item that looked quite similar to mine-----which then forced me to research these vases.
Turns out that the above "amphora" vases were most probably designed by Karl Springer for Seguso (Murano). The amphora form dates to Roman times and the vases have been finished in an acid bath which was an attempt to replicate Roman glass dating back two thousand years. Both Seguso and Cenedese worked with this type of finish and form. And Karl Springer designed in this style for Seguso.
I quickly tore off my price tag and took down the posting to Chairish.  That was a close call!! 

Have a great summer week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole

I was glued to the Democratic Convention. My patriotic spirit is flying. We are all so incredibly fortunate to live in this amazing nation. We must all vote as our voices count. And a woman heading a major party's ticket?? Long time overdue.

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