Saturday, July 23, 2016

THE '60s

I just watched CNN's series The '60s"-- as a product of the 1960s, having come to adulthood at the very end of that tumultuous decade, watching and re-experiencing that time period was mind opening. I think it is impossible to understand the current political upheavals without a thorough understanding of what the 60s meant to American society.
Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are products of that decade. A decade where the youth yearned for and sought peace. A decade that was seminal to the birth of social consciousness.
We know how Trump turned out. I hope and pray that Hilary took to heart the lessons of the 60s.
We need a president who will allow the lessons of the 60s to give birth to a renewed spirit of creativity, generosity, awareness, true equality under the law, a resurgence of the middle class, control of the excesses of Wall Street and corporate power (etc.) In the 60s we protested Monsanto--50 years later we are still protesting Monsanto.
I could remain on my soap box, but I will leave it to everyone to express their own values and hopes for this great nation.
I strongly urge everyone to obtain a copy of "The 60s" and watch it in one sitting. 
Thanks for letting me spout.


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