Friday, September 16, 2016


Yesterday, while at auction, I spied this beautiful sculptural composition. The stunning graining of the black walnut, the treatment of the wood itself--with awe and respect--in addition to the detailed composition and workmanship told me that this was an important piece by a very competent artist. The piece reminds me of George Nakashima: the composition, the free edge, the respect for the wood, the beautiful carved detailing and finish. As I waited for the sculpture to come to the block, I went on an abbreviated search to see what I could discover about Doug Ayers. And surprisingly, I could not uncovered very much except auction results and the fact that he lives in Mendocino County, California. For me, his creations are works of enduring beauty. From very small sculpted amorphous forms to larger scale pieces like the one I wanted to acquire yesterday. I thought that if I were very lucky, I could purchase the sculpture---it was not to be. The bidding very rapidly ran right past my stopping point to more than double what I was ready to spend. But the great part is that I learned to love another artist and art form--what could be better.
Here are a couple of detail shots of the sculpture.

We are having the most glorious end of summer days--even some crisp evenings. And highs in the upper 70s in Pasadena when it usually is in the high 80s or 90s at this time of year. Thank You.

Our family friends, Mark and Kristin's 4 year old little girl had brain surgery yesterday for severe epilepsy caused by meningitis. She's doing well, but prayers are needed as Kiki will have a recovery span similar to our Mia's. We are so fortunate to have CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County), one of the top ten pediatric brain centers, close by. Thank you to all of Kiki's caregivers of the past 18 months and thank you for the care you will be giving her, and the entire family, as they journey through her recovery.


Mary, Jones & Cole 


  1. That is such a cool piece!!

    Hope you had a wonderful summer, Mary. I'm back from Maine and catching up on everything.

    Sending your friends prayers.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Loi, Good to have you back. Thanks for the comment. xoxo Mary