Monday, September 26, 2016


I love what I do--the hunt, the gifts (God dropping finds in my lap to provide my daily bread), interacting with trades people, learning something every day--and my wonderful clients.
But I think I am developing a small problem: I do not have an extra inch of space in the shop. I am firmly committed to the principle of not having inventory in storage, but it looks like I may be headed in that direction. Or--I can stop this buying problem. 
I haven't decided in which direction to go, but this amazing recamier/daybed will not fit--not even if I stand it on end.
Of course, the two main issues are (1) I love the hunt; (2) You have to buy when you find a great item because you know it won't wait for you to come back or to have made space for it.
So I put that decision off for another day last Thursday and bought that amazing French Directoire Style Recamier (daybed); so now I have four recamiers!!??
The price point on this piece was just too good to pass on.
Here are a couple of detail photos

The upholstery, although vintage, is in near mint condition--and just look at the quality of the workmanship and the yards and yards and yards of (most probably) Scalamandre silk braid.......just too good to let it go.
I also found (and bought) a very rare form of French Faux Bamboo Secretaire a Abattant (secretary).

I managed to squeeze in this piece with 0 inches to spare. And I already have two requests for more information and one person put it on hold. Which means that if I had gone passive, deciding that I didn't have enough space and that I shouldn't buy it, I would have lost a great most things in life: there are no perfect solutions.

We are frying here in Southern California. I now live within 3 miles of the beach and it usually never goes above 85*; but right now the temperature is reading 102* with humidity at about 10%--those desert winds are rolling in.
I'm watching the debate tonight and praying for our girl.

Blessings for the week.
Mary, Jones & Cole


  1. That secretary is amazing. Do you have pricing on it yet?

    1. Hi Kerry, I answered you in comment section.....not reply section. Talk later. Best, Mary

  2. Hi Kerry, I do. I think it's easiest to go to my website and contact me through the page link or contact me via email:
    I'll be able to get back to you after 10:30 Los Angeles time. Thanks for reading this crazy blog. xoxo Mary

    1. For some reason I don't think my emails on your website form went through. I will try calling the number listed on your website this morning.

    2. Hi Kerry, I found your email. Do not know why it was sent to "Spam". I have just emailed you. Thanks. Mary