Friday, November 18, 2016


I realize that each of us must follow a different path while on this journey of life. I am aware that not everyone believes it is his/her responsibility to stand up for the basic human values that were delineated in the "Bill of Rights"--we are a nation founded on the principle of separation of church and state, the principle of freedom of religion, the inherent equality of all. Women have the ultimate authority over their own bodies. Women do deserve equal pay. Black Lives Do Matter. We need  to embrace comprehensive immigration reform honoring the amazing men and women who come here for a better life, making our lives much better with their bravery. We need a single-payer healthcare system. We need to control rampantly increasing drug prices. We need to halt the endless cycle of war. We need to care for political refugees who are suffering on an enormous scale. The are so many steps we, as a people, need to take to ensure that we, as a nation, stand for righteousness. WE ALL NEED TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE..... There is so much to be done;but FIRST the Trump cesspool must be drained.

I just volunteered with the ACLU. I've been a member for years--now is the time to stand up. There are many other ways to participate in the fight for equality and respect for all. Each of us who truly cares about our amazing nation needs to find a way to be counted. 

Mary & Jones & Cole 

Please do not leave negative comments. The above two paragraphs express my opinion only.


  1. Bravo for speaking out against this truly hideous & appalling election result that's been obviously stolen by the KGB via Putin/Assange and FBI via Comey...our country is now in the hands of literal KKK and NYC criminals. You've been the only voice to speak out against what was a direct hit against the 1st woman to be our President in the 240 years of the USA founding - whom was SO QUALIFIED BEYOND belief, I am proud of you!

    1. Thank you. This has been a very difficult two weeks--I'm finally getting my feet under me. Hillary, here we come. xoxo Mary