Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I feel a little glum today........Planned Parenthood was defunded; the integrity of The Senate (60% majority on major votes is under threat); the people of Syria continue to suffer enormous tragedy (while the world stands quietly by) I need to switch my sights to the positives that are occurring. Don't feel very inspired right now--however we do have a huge ground-swell of motivated progressive legislators who are fighting the good fight to sustain our country. I see that the press is stepping up its efforts to present more truthful and balanced reporting. I pray the the tipping point will soon be reached for TT (Times of Trump) to be brought to its knees.
(Of course, Jones keeps watch at all times--doesn't he look great?)

Roberto hung the chandelier

We hung the early 19th c. William Curtiss hand colored botanical engravings

I really like this set of 4 botanicals (and they are very well-framed, too)--we are so used to the feminine floral, dainty botanicals; these are super beefy and masculine.
I also have an original Besler folio from the 17th century--Beslers are some of the first and most prized antique botanical engravings.

Tomorrow is, once again, auction day. I think I'll go with my $100 allowance--I love to play this game with myself: you just never know what turns up and with a severe self-imposed constraint, I have to be really focused.

Sending Blessings--

Mary & Jones & Cole

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