Thursday, June 29, 2017

SERENDIPITY................. (again)

I am constantly amazed at my (our) interconnectedness to all things. At the importance of being open and available to the circumstances that confront me (us), that challenge me to grow and to accept what is. Last week this gorgeous Sendai Tansu was up for auction.....I wanted to bid on it, but was so focused on the Louis XVI chest, that I forgot to focus on the moment and I put my hand up to late to bid on the Tansu. It sold for a ridiculously low price. I kicked myself and did enormous amounts of gilt and self-loathing because I lost the moment thinking of what might happen (or not) in the future.
Well, today, as I waited for nothing in particular to come to the block, up comes my "missed opportunity" Tansu....again. And she (maybe a "he") is gorgeous. The last Sendai Tansu that I purchased was older than this one, but not in the superb condition that this one is in. This piece is nearly pristine. It has beautifully cast and forged iron typical of the later Meiji period and it is a two part Tansu, rather than a single chest.

The drawers are all in excellent condition and the surface is also not blemished. It has lost two of its four side lifting handles (not a huge defect) and its keys are MIA. Other than that, it's to die for.
Needless to say, it came home with me today--and I hope that I have finally learned to stay in the present--where life and its blessing are.

Yes, the Healthcare bill has been dealt a serious blow, hopefully fatal. We still need to continue to raise our voices in protest.

Mary, Jones & Cole

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