Monday, July 10, 2017


I received an Alternet email today with good news. How often do we only get the bad news? the disturbing news? the TT news (times of trump)????
I feel that we need to hear lots of good, encouraging news about people, places and things that promote a sense of world community and oneness.
The above photo shows what is possible when the commitment to improving the world takes form.
On July 2, 66 MILLION trees were planted in India. 66 MILLION.
I can barely grasp the kind of organization, commitment, generosity of spirit and funds that was required to accomplish this feat. 
If this can be accomplished in India where resources and communications are much more limited than in Western nations, just imagine what could be done here. Trees can be an enormous help in reducing climate change. And we do not need governments to come together to accomplish a huge step forward in reducing green house gases. Just people and  a personal commitment to achieve good.

Next Up----- The ACLU is suing to fight the (most probably anti constitutional) request for all voter information data from the 50 states and territories. Yes, TT is having a hard time defending these voter restriction attempts.

As for creative juices are flowing. I've got a few new Fortuny pillows in the works.....

These are snippets of a gorgeous 1920's Fortuny fabric that I've been saving until I could feel design trends evolving to a more luxurious aesthetic. I've ordered the silk backing fabric and after many months of interviewing, I have found a new fabricator. The pattern below is a 1950's Fortuny that is an elusive cool yellow on the front and a warm buttery yellow on the reserve...

I've just found the perfect silvery gold silk for the backing.

Well, it's time for Jones and me to get to bed--busy day picking up stuff at auction house, etc.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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