Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I think that Mr. Jones is finally on the mend. My gorgeous boy has not been doing very well. He has a pinched nerve in his back and spinal arthritis which has really slowed him down and kept him from doing his most favorite job--being my sales associate at the shop. When I got home today, Jones had taken his toys and leash out of his basket for the first time in months.....I think he's starting the feel more like himself--naughty but very nice. Maybe he can come to work with me for a bit on Sunday??
I've been focusing on getting items restored lately. Finally had the very large Italian beaded sconces taken apart, cleaned, new pendants added and then put back together. These guys measure over 4 feet in length and are now is great condition. There are strands upon strands of macaroni beads combined with at least 60 faceted pendants--hope that they will now go out the door ASAP.

And finally, the Anglo-Raj (Indian) cockfighting chair was delivered. this time Lalo got the upholstery and tacking just right.

I can't believe that we are almost at the end of 2018. In some ways the years has zoomed past; but in other I felt as if I were lagging a bit.....the new year is going to bring many surprises--especially in the political arena. Hopefully, by this time next year, both Trump and Pence will be memories in history books. We have a lot of ground to recover from the disastrous policies of the trump years (notice no capital t?). As a nation we are strong and resilient. I'm sure that the diverse freshman class of congress men and women will inspire much of the new policies.
Well, tomorrow is preview day. Business has picked up a bit and I am beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms from not buying and letting G get soaked in the rain to bid for us. I don't want to get too rusty.

Sending blessing for the rest of the week!!

Mary, Jones & Cole

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