Friday, November 1, 2019


Gerry found this table on an East Coast online auction and was able to acquire it for a great price....

I thought that the charge to ship the table to California would be about $550-$ actuality that number was way off. The actual price to ship the table nearly double my rough estimate as I wanted to crate the table to prevent damage........I was assuming that the top was in fairly good condition.........wrong! When the table arrived (no damage in shipping whatsoever) it was immediately apparent that the top would need to be re-lacquered. (we could have skipped the crating charges). Some dealer friends suggested that it just be touched up----not my way of doing things as I send pieces all over the world and I have a pristine online presence (as far as I know) and want my customers to be 100% happy with what they buy.
Rolando has had the table top for a few weeks. I went to check on the table on Tuesday.......and it is gorgeous. Rolando was able to restore all of the goat skin seams (it can be a struggle, sometimes impossible, to re-align and glue down the edges of the skins).
It's not quite ready, but take a look

The lines are where the seams of the goat skins meet and the mottling is desirable. Rolando is finishing up the lacquer today and Monday. Can't wait to see it in the shop. The table will seat six, but it would make a great center table or even a desk.

Wishing you all a super week-end! No smoke and no sand from the desert for us today.

Mary & Cole

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