Sunday, June 21, 2020


This majolica charger is one of a set of 12 by Bordallo Pinheiro. The beautiful double lemon leaf incised pattern reminds me of a mandala (The purpose of a mandala is to help transform ordinary minds into extraordinary ones during meditation, according to Hindu and Buddhist tradition). Transformation and growth--hopefully this is what this year with its unimaginable challenges will birth. I cannot even contemplate the human costs.

I have missed blogging over the past three (How did this happen?) months. But my brain refused to create or even think of anything beyond what lay immediately before me....I think it has started working again.....we'll see.
Of course, I am overjoyed that The Supreme Court has handed down momentous, progressive decisions regarding equality for all. cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. cannot (at least for the moment) deport hundreds of thousands of young people who know no other home than the U.S. Yes! Finally after 160 years, you will neither torture nor lynch Black American citizens without the full force of the law coming to bear. As you might have guessed by now, I am (and have always been) pro-humanity. The changes that are being wrought by the Black Lives Matter coalition should have taken place in the 1960s and 1970s. I thank God that we are finally acknowledging our divisions and sins. We have a long way to travel until our National consciousness has been transformed, but we are finally back on that path.

I haven't been buying flow + nothing to buy + no room + no desire, etc., etc.,--whine, whine, whine + complain + complain. (And The Pasadena Antique Center has not reopened yet--next week)

BUT we did acquire a few things and restored others:
First up and my pride and joy for the moment. I discovered this piece and Gerry bought and I restored it with Camilo and Roberto.

We acquired this very early 19th century (maybe late 18th century) Swedish Gustavian Drop Front Secretaire just before COVID hit us. It was in a kinda scruffy condition and in need of a bit of TLC. It went to Camilo to have new feet carved (Camilo did a great job) and some minor moldings restored. And then, last Wednesday, Roberto applied the finishing touches--both of us worked to figure out how to match the centuries old paint (we are not quite finished with the feet). The secretaire is in the uncommon two-part form; hidden behind the fall front are 18 small drawers and a tambour central section. The drawers retain (in near mint condition) their FAUX GRAINED painted fronts......this feature, alone, makes the secretaire exceptional.
I reupholstered some benches in a divine Clarence House woven linen textile........This is a pair of Regency-style small ottomans--they are detailed in patinated nails and buttons--I just love this fabric.

And I reupholstered this silver gilt iron bench in the same fabric but with deep tufting-perfect for the foot of a bed or in front of a fire.

I joined a couple of months ago. is a hosting site, similar to 1stdibs (of which I'm also a member), but it is so more more classy than 1stidibs. You can check "me" out if you search MJH Design Arts once you have landed on (I'm also a 1stdibs and Chairish dealer/member) Being a dealer on 1stdibs is extremely challenging and pricey--hopefully Incollect will continue to expand to the point where I (like so many others) will be able to let go of 1stdibs.

An update. Our sweet boy, Cole, went to play with Jones. He was the most faithful labrador--loving, naughty and devoted.

Well, I guess this is a fairly good start to my return to Jones & Cole. Please send me blessings for reopening the shop next week......I do need to make some big sales and pronto!

Sending blessings.....


  1. Good to see your posts again. So very sorry about Jones & Cole - I'm sure they both had good lives. I think we're all in a funk until Nov. when we must all get out and VOTE! I shan't take a deep breath until then.

    1. Hi Eileen, Yes. No deep breaths until he is voted out and until January 20 when our new President will take over. Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my boys. I'm on the quest for a new Standard, maybe a girl this time. Sending blessings, Mary

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