Sunday, February 5, 2012


For the second time in about 2 months my Yahoo email account has been hacked!  I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else--but it is a huge problem. I have no idea why I have been singled out for this adventure in frustration and inability to get an appropriate response from Yahoo--it is as if my requests for help, forwarding the offending violator's (as in rapist) email (etc.) to Yahoo were going into the void of internet black holes. 
For a while I couldn't access any of my contacts to attempt to apologize for the emails sent from London (Yes, I would really like to go to London--Paris, even more so) requesting money because my passport and wallet (or some crazy misadventure) had been stolen.
One thing I did learn is that I really do have friends who care for me enough to check and see how my London trip went???!!!! Have I ever written to anyone  (ever) asking for an emergency handout?
So the last week has been spent canceling or changing email addresses for the newsletters and blogs that I subscribe has been a multi-hour endeavor and it's still not completed.
Next it is onward to sending emails apologizing for the spurious emails and notifying everyone of the email address change................
Net week will definitely be a better week.

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