Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tale of Two Beautiful Chests of Drawers

This is the gorgeous chest (with it's pair sitting behind) that I thought  I had lost the bid on a few weeks ago. As it turns out, when I voiced my concern to the auctioneer (I've bought from him for many years) that my bid had been ignored, the chests miraculously appeared on my bill. (I think that I need to learn how to speak up more often) When I was bidding on the chests, I did not realize that they were designed by John Keal and crafted by Brown & Saltman, a highly desirable mid-century Los Angeles furniture manufacturer. The chests are in almost mint condition and did not require any restoration. The proportions of the chests are perfect: not too heavy and not too light. 

                 Brown & Saltman Mid-Century Chests of Drawers

Notice the perfectly shaped and proportioned front feet with a bevel edge adding just a bit more lightness to their feel. 

Brown & Saltman Chest/foot

Next up on my list of perfect features are the beautiful custom pulls. The oxidized minimalist backplate together with the polished nickel "arrow" is a unique design element and perfectly complements the classic design of the chests. This is really SEXY hardware!!!

Brown & Saltman Chests/Custom Hardware

In the photo below take note of the fine booked* veneer work applied to the sides of the chests. With cases pieces, usually the fronts and tops of the piece are given the most attention, but with this pair, the sides were deemed to merit as much detail as the front. This is a further indication of outstanding quality. *Booked veneer is when the wood is sliced finely and then applied to the piece so that the slices appear to have been opened as one would a book.

Brown & Saltman Chest/booked veneering

And here is the last photo of my perfect mid-century chests. What more could a dealer ask for?.........Some one to come in and buy them tomorrow before I become too attached.

Brown & Saltman Chests/Side view
Because these chests are classically proportioned (think small Louis XVI commode or Georgian bachelors chest) and are of the highest quality they could be integrated into a room that featured mainly period (18th c.) antique furnishings.

I have listed these chests on my website ( giving more detailed specifications.

Thanks for visiting and sharing the adventure. 

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