Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is Mia, my date for next Sunday (and my date for Mother's Day) who will come with her two older sisters, Lauren (5) and Kaia (almost 4). Mia is 1 1/2, can draw; loves to "read" and knows how to use an Iphone (I don't how)--she can even manage to locate her favorite movie apps (The Lion King--I think) and push the correct button to start the movie. I'm loving her little round body right now, as I know that within a few months she will be slimming down into little girl-hood. Right now I just want to eat her up.

Here are the older sisters--we need to start planning Kaia's birthday. It is wonderful to see these beautifully little girls grow into perfect humans--also it is the most wonderful of blessings to see my son mature into a fantastic Dad. Yes, James and Grace are super busy--when Mia was born, they had three little girls under the age of 4....
Now that the stress of so many babies is easing up, the joy of watching each child evolve at her own rate and in her own direction can be experienced. Lauren is very athletic and a non-stop go-go girl-she is having her first dance recital next month--we are all going (except for Jones); Kaia is much more petit and a girly-girl and flirty and affectionate. We'll just have to see about Mia--so far she is much bigger than her sisters; a slow walker, but a fast talker. Sometimes she looks like Lauren; sometimes she looks like me; sometimes she looks like Kaia. But that little one already has her own definite personality, preferences and goals--there is no way her sisters will ever boss her around.

(Jones is really good with the babies for a couple of hours--and then he needs a break---Cole is super patient with the girls; sometimes too patient which results in injuries from over-affectionate little girls).

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end planned with family, loved ones or friends--or even just a great book or movie.

Be well,
Mary and Jones (and Cole)

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