Sunday, May 20, 2012


Today, a young couple came in with the intention of purchasing my bergere (above) and a pair of satinwood beidermeier (sp?) fauteuils from my neighbor, Roy. Roy had taken today off; so I was helping them with their decision whether to purchase Roy's wonderful chairs that they loved. The husband had very closely inspected the chairs (I had not as they were not my chairs) and questioned me regarding the restorations to the chairs--on close inspection, I realized that the chairs had had some serious wood worm damage and that the restorations were not well executed. I also noted what appeared to be active worm infestation (this is not a good thing for chairs with delicate klismos legs).
I knew that I would have to probably loose my sale by speaking the truth regarding Roy's chairs, but I advised them not to buy the chairs. (It killed me because, I really wanted to help Roy and I do not like to speak ill of anyone's merchandise). Sure enough, I had deflated their buying sails and they left without purchasing any items. I'm sure that they will be back in a few days when the disappointment wears off. I would have loved to sell my chair (and possibly a pair of commodes that they were interested in)--but my conscience is happy.

What I find truly ironic is that on Thursday, I had blogged about the almost  identical situation that had happened to me in Spain and when I was the approximate age of this couple. I am beginning to see that we do attract what we focus on.....and this was all good.

Thanx for joining me on this crazy journey.

Mary and Jones (and Cole)

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