Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where to Focus

This morning when I opened my trusty laptop, there were two news items and a wonderful blog post that riveted my attention"

     --JOB Creation Numbers:  Only 80,000 for June.

     --EXIT COMPENSATION for CEO who lasted about 24 hours on his new job:
            up to $44.4 MILLION.

     -- Seth Gobin's Blog (this a a fantastic blog regarding business/life in the 
        21st century): "Thinking About Your Shoes"-July 7, 2012.
        (I don't yet know how to make a link, but you can Google it.) 

       These are the thought that came to mind inspired by Seth's Blog:
Can we even imagine how life would be if everyone put their lives, actions and focus on the things that really mattered: the issues (original meaning here), concepts and people in our lives in order to promote growth and resolution. It is only a small shift, a pivot (actually) and a change in direction that could make this happen. A switch from the negative to the positive and to what gives life.

It is possible to switch from the negative to the positive; it takes a lot of self -discipline. I am proof positive that it is worth the journey.

Thanks for joining me and Jones, the happiest and most positive dog in the decorative arts, on this crazy journey.

Be well and have a super week-end.

   I almost forgot--------STEVE NASH!!! IS NOW A 
                    LAKER--THAT'S A PIVOT!!!


  1. Do you know this is one of the most important things I am focusing on. Positive and encouraging thoughts and energy. I am going in for a 3rd major surgery within 9 months, and I know this will help in my recovery!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      You are in my prayers and heart. Chin up!
      xoxo Mary

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    1. Hi Patricia, I'm not sure who the author is who removed your wonderful comment.......
      Elves at work?? Anyway, thank you for the bowl full of cherries!! xoxo